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  1. Hi all, Strange issue that is occurring, my SP2000 has the NC135Y carrier which has worked for years, it had rollers replaced and this allowed the film to be fed, now it won't feed the film at all, the rollers are spinning and they advance with the manual advance wheel but for some reason when inserting film to be scanned it just does not get fed into the carrier. It makes the noise as if it were trying to grab it and if I force the film enough it 'kind of' grabs it but it can't bring it any further. Is this a motor issue or is it the rubber rollers that were replaced? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Reiss
  2. Hi, I am wondering how I go about creating an index print card with all the thumbnails on in MS01. After export from scanner, what do I need to do in MS01 to get a index card? Cheers
  3. Ive done the same, bought new axles, hopefully they will fix, currently using manual carrier
  4. Hi, Just got my SP2000 up and running! Noticed now that the small keyboard with scanner controls is no longer working, any ideas? Do the black PS2 cables that come with the case need plugging into the computer? Cheers
  5. Did you find a solution? I have same issue
  6. Hi, I have just noticed that among everything else. The circuit board attached to the scanner lamp and the left hand side of the unit from the back is not turning on when powering up the machine. How do I fix this issue? Is this a broken part?
  7. Hi, I have just got a Fuji SP2000 with the scanner computer, I am trying to set the scanner up on its own, by using ethernet as firewire isn't an option right now. I have the scanner and the scanner computer XL10 and the software is on the scanner computer. How do I set up the server computer so I can use the scanner and scan files? I have no software except From MS01, is this all I need? Please walk me through as well.
  8. Hi, I have a Konica RX-3 and I am in dire need of the ImageFit software. I cannot find any version of it on the internet. Does anyone have a copy they could send me please? Cheers
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