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  1. I had replaced an AOM a few days before this started, could that have caused anything?
  2. Meeting up with one of my IT guys tomorrow to help see if we can remove that exposure unit and take a look in there. something I noticed today though while I was taking a look at things I tried cleaning the surface from the side coming in. hoping I got the spots I couldn't see too well at that angle with the unit in the way. but something I did notice when I was looking at one of the daily setup strips that I have attached here is that the streak runs through the gray bars but not through the blue bar at the top. Thoughts on that?
  3. I did some cleaning but am getting the line still. I can't get a good angel at the glass.
  4. Starting to get concerned it’s dust on the inside. I try to blow her rag haven’t able to find anything in there as far as debris or dirt goes. Wasn’t sure on which rollers to check though based on that comment? If the dust is on the inside would you guys recommend for cleaning it? One person said to remove an exposure unit on our page I was checking out but that seems to be a large undertaking for what could be a small spot. Sorry I’m a total noob at this.
  5. I’ve tried cleaning the focal plane and using the bush, but still have this line.
  6. Blaine is pretty faded there’s a little bit of color distortion on the left and right sides of it though. As far as cleaning the glass I know it’s long that lasers path of where exactly does it come out and what part what I need to clean. Is there some kind of a guide and someone can link me too by chance?
  7. How does one go about cleaning the laser glass? Not something I’ve done before.
  8. I have a 3311 Noritsu printer. We cleaned up a bit of a leaking issue this last week, and in the midst of getting that done and resetting my power supply I now have the strange line on my prince. I’m not sure if it’s caused by dust somewhere or what’s going on with it. Anyone with experience with a similar issue in this printer that can help would be amazing. I’m hoping it doesn’t have to do something with the laser. I did replace in AOM about two weeks ago could that possibly be the issue as well?
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