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  1. so there's a small motor there that is probably stuttering.
  2. Clean the iron strip on sub-scanning.
  3. what? Anyone understand what he means? Or is it just me ..
  4. It is not possible unfortunately .. What is possible is to increase the size up to 30X60 in the software. Or 30X90 through adding hardware to the machine.
  5. frontier 570 The machine loads the paper as soon as it comes back The engine keeps spinning and the paper is swallowed up in the magazine. No message from the machine. And he just does not stop until the door is opened and then there is a message of stuck paper. It also happens in the top magazine. And also in the bottom What can the problem?
  6. What about tests? Take some of the paper out of the box, return it, send a picture. What does the picture look like? White? Burnt ?
  7. It appeared right after it did a chemical mix.. And thanks!
  8. yokololo123

    Paper Jam

    From what you describe it sounds classic lack of moisture in the paper. Keep it in the refrigerator it will restore its moisture The end of the paper does not fit well between the rolls or the distributor into the processor because it has too large a curve. And the chimera at the end is also related to the end of the roll of paper. And also mainly for its flexibility. At least during dry periods of the year ... I do not think there is a connection to the quality of the paper. But it can help order from another supplier It may be stored elsewhere in a better way and in controlled
  9. yokololo123

    Paper Jam

    Sorry about the Daily. There are several options. Does it happen in all sizes? If it happens at a specific size. This could be related to dryness in the air and because of the structure of the machine If this happens to a specific size try putting the paper in the fridge overnight. And when you arrive in the morning, replace the paper in the magazine and print it. And see if it helps. We found in some of the machines that there is a problem of dryness in a certain season and the paper gets a finish chimney that gets stuck in the carriers of the paper and as a result it gets stuck in exac
  10. yokololo123

    Paper Jam

    Can you take a picture of where exactly it got stuck? (Take a picture of the point where the paper gets stuck and you take it out) It will be easier to help you.
  11. The pipe that goes in and out of the pump has a cone in each of them, one of which may be clogged. Or rupture and the fluid does not pass properly...
  12. Hi There can be many reasons we will start from the first. Do you have the little device on the machine? And if so. What is written ? Try pressing the dryer button for a few seconds. With it turns on after from here and starts to heat up this is a problem of the timer in the machine. Try it. and come back to update. From what you describe it seems to be incorrectly defined.
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