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  1. It looks good. Picture of the image is not sharp?
  2. Numera är det lämpligt att skriva på engelska för att få ett svar.
  3. How do the pictures come out? look ok ? or the same ?
  4. It can also be one of the power supplies. Check them out. And I would also check the I \ F card with another machine.
  5. I guess you checked with a multi-meter the connection and the cable itself that comes to the CTL23 and it does not shorten the machine. In case you checked well. This sounds like a faulty PWR23.
  6. Most likely one of the wires touches the body of the machine. And makes you short after you replace the fuse.
  7. yokololo123


    Is a scanner connected to a machine? What software do you use? Details are missing here...
  8. so there's a small motor there that is probably stuttering.
  9. Clean the iron strip on sub-scanning.
  10. what? Anyone understand what he means? Or is it just me ..
  11. It is not possible unfortunately .. What is possible is to increase the size up to 30X60 in the software. Or 30X90 through adding hardware to the machine.
  12. frontier 570 The machine loads the paper as soon as it comes back The engine keeps spinning and the paper is swallowed up in the magazine. No message from the machine. And he just does not stop until the door is opened and then there is a message of stuck paper. It also happens in the top magazine. And also in the bottom What can the problem?
  13. What about tests? Take some of the paper out of the box, return it, send a picture. What does the picture look like? White? Burnt ?
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