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  1. Replace the connection on the Firewire card. Both in the machine and on the connection of the computer. And if that does not help. Replace the card on the computer.
  2. Sounds very strange. If really everyone has a different name on the net and they each work separately. The next thing I would try to change the IP address in the machine. And on the computer, of course ... (to thr FireWire) maybe a question that can help. Is it always the same machine that disconnects? Or every time a different machine?
  3. How exactly is it connected? One computer? Is there an FMPC? If it's different computers what's their name? FEII_FRONTEND? Both?
  4. Yes. Add some water to P1
  5. Check the paper advanced unit. It has a calibration as well in the Maintenance tool. And if it's okay. Replace the printhead.
  6. Take out the power supply. And clean the dust.
  7. Yes that's exactly the intention. It is not completely sealed so some water is supposed to pass through. But a bit.
  8. If you have checked all the pumps. And you did not notice any decrease in water consumption. So there is a rubber that prevents water passage from cell to cell it probably does not do the job over the years. Replace them.
  9. It looks good. Picture of the image is not sharp?
  10. Numera är det lämpligt att skriva på engelska för att få ett svar.
  11. How do the pictures come out? look ok ? or the same ?
  12. It can also be one of the power supplies. Check them out. And I would also check the I \ F card with another machine.
  13. I guess you checked with a multi-meter the connection and the cable itself that comes to the CTL23 and it does not shorten the machine. In case you checked well. This sounds like a faulty PWR23.
  14. Most likely one of the wires touches the body of the machine. And makes you short after you replace the fuse.
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