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  1. how can I check the maintenance program? Thanks for your help here.
  2. Yeah I've been using it for about two years now with no issue at all. It's showing up in device manager but I can't get irfanview to detect it's connected. Can't calibrate or anything.
  3. Hi there, looking for some help. I'm setting up a Noritsu LS600 on a new MacBook via Virtual Machine: Windows 10 64bit. Twain Driver 6.50, Scanner software version 7 Everything on instal seems to have gone fine and Irfanview can see the Twain driver for the scanner, but when I go to scan it says "No Scanner Detected" I've ran through instal multiple times now and cannot get irfanview to see the scanner, tried multiple versions also 32/64, older versions. I was wondering if perhaps this is an issue with the new Mac USB-C ports? In virtual machine I am only getting the option to designate ISB 1.1 OHCI Any help here would be much appreciated.
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