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  1. It looks like the developer is contaminated or missing 1 part of developer. Does you developer is monopart or 3 parts like A, B, and C? Check the part B maybe oxidised.
  2. Update regarding my problem of only color Blue prints. I measured again the voltage across R54 while Blue laser in ON at Output check and the measured value is 114mV. I assumed that the Blue Laser Module is dead. Therefore, I change the Blue laser module to a new gun and finally the printout is beautifully satisfied. Thank you everyone for all your advise and till next time.
  3. Laser I/O PCB J391252-00 also uses for 33/35 series. Can I use for 32 as well.
  4. The number is different but physically is 100% the same. Connectors numbers and even components layouts and numbers were all the same. Physically the same but part number is different. Any suggestions?
  5. But those I changed had an error messages, But this 3201 had no message because Red is working properly. I hope it will work. By the way I have Laser I/O PCB J391252-00 for Lps24, can I use to 3201 as well?
  6. It's not my first time to replaced Laser module. I already replaced several of those like 3702( 4 machines),7700 (2 machines), Lps24 ( 2 machines).
  7. An Update to my unsolved problem. I just bought new Juno Blue Laser module. I am going to replace the old one. hope my problem will solve.
  8. By the way I forgot to mention. Printer is QSS 3201 and no errors at all.
  9. Hi to all, Thank you for the Technical advise. Below is the summary of what is the problem: The Laser type is B I run the Laser diagnostic test: R=70% G=70% B=70%. The Detected Failed results is : R=0 G=0 B=999 I increase the B=100%. The detected failed results is : B=999 I swap between G_AOM and B_AOM. Run Laser diagnostic test. Results is the same. I replaced the Blue Laser driver board with a new board. The results is the same. Measure the voltage across R54 of Blue laser driver while Blue laser is ON at Output check. Measured value is 1.xx volts.
  10. Hi Yustas, How much voltage should I measure across the big resistor at Laser driver board. Thank you.
  11. Hi David, Please see the upload test. thank you.
  12. Hi! I need help to all our experts out there. My Qss 3201 is printing only color Blue. there are no any error messages. tried to replaced the Blue AOM but still the same. Run the Laser diagnostic test then Blue had 999/1000 fail attemps at 100% power. Red and Green has no fails at 70%. replaced the Blue laser driver board but still the same prints are coming out Blue. At output check, when Blue laser is on, synchronous for 10 secs then go back to asynchronous. Please help. thanks.
  13. Hello minilabhelp and most especially who gave very informative feedback. My problem was solved unexpectedly and I want to share with you all guys. Believe it or not how could it be because all the power supplies from PS1 to PS4 I can measured correct output voltages and the error still there, of course I have mentioned earlier that the printer works well sometimes but now I totally found the faulty parts of it and that's the interlock relay which caused of the error.
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