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  1. I onced experience with this error when doing daily setup, the setup failed and the paper come out almost blank except last two lines. I swapped two ram between the pc and the image pcb, the error was cleared but unfortunately images failed to open when printing as the ram from image pcb were too small, I then replaced one ram from PC with another 256mb ram from my spare bank and the problem was solved
  2. Thank you all for your remarks, the idea of using fuji catridge chemical come as an alternative to regular chemicals used in noritsu qss 3001, these chemicals are becoming scarcy in my local area, it seems the dealers are focusing more on cartridge chemicals than standard RA-4 chemicals.
  3. Is it possible to use frontier chemicals sold as cartilage in noritsu? If yes how mixing is done, I know frontiers processor mix chemical automatically, but in noritsu we mix manually 2L of reprenisher in 8L of water for those chemicals from Lucky.
  4. Thank you all for your feedback, I am going to adjust the distance from the wall as suggested by Dave S and check the fans as davidlam and yustas said, a mini air conditioner is also on the way to be installed.
  5. Hi, I have experienced operational difficulties in my lab during hot days and hours, the lab displays errors such as 6073-003, 6073-002, and sometime 6073-001 (synchronous sensor error), swaped in vain the AOM drivers,and replaced the laser drivers with no lucky. When the lab is switch of for sometime to cool,it then work fine untill exausted again one of the error recurs, the machine is installed against two walls, one facing the back side and the other facing the left side of the machine, the room is very compact with small free space left. Can these condition cause any trouble to the lab? Or is it possible some errors reported to be caused by software issues, so a clean reinstallation of the system can solve the issue
  6. Tengi2


    Thank you very much sir, am going to keep my eyes wide open for the link.
  7. Tengi2


    Can you send to me those frames the way they are, never mind in which format they are. sudoapt2012@gmail.com
  8. Tengi2


    I know how to create frames in PS but it takes a lot of work to get similar products, that is why I am asking for already made frames.
  9. Hi, every one I need fuji frames for printing pictures, as I own noritsu minilab but my customers are not satisfied by noritsu frames, therefore, I am asking for any one who can send those fame via my email sudoapt2012@gmail.com Thank you
  10. Hi to all I recently changed paper type from fuji to lucky, and now I want to perform initial setup based on lucky paper but I am not sure which option to choose when prompted to choose the paper type, I used to select crystal archieve type one with fuji papers, when scrolling the list I only find LUCKY SA2, LUCKY SA5, LUCKY SA6, LUCKY SA10 AND LUCKY SA20, the list goes on But unrelated with lucky (to my opinion). The paper I bought is Lucky SA26. Which way to go now. Thanks
  11. Hi every one. I have faced the above error two times at an interval of one week, everytime I resolved by switching the machine off for 5 hours and than switched on, the error is gone, when it happen I swaped the AOM drivers, but the error code remains the same. Any help in solving this error permanently. Thanks
  12. Yes these are the ones, already got them on aliexpress
  13. These parts numbers worked like magic in AliExpress, all gears found in one supplier.Thank you Minilab Service.
  14. Thank you for your post AliExpress have them all, though if you don't know their names or part number it is difficult to find them, thank you very much "Minilab service" for the parts numbers, helped me directly in the huge AliExpress market.
  15. Hi every one, I still own the old 3001 minilab, and it is working fine right now but I suspect the three rear gears (I don't know how to call them) are in their last minutes, thus I suppose a backup of then in handy is the way to go. I have attached two pictures to show those gears labelled 1- 3, the first gear is attached to the same rod with the worm gears that drive racks, the second gear is in between the first and the third gears, while the third gear is a two line gear that is attached to the motor (I think it is synchronization motor). Any one with these gears please drop your contact for further arrangement. Thank for your time.
  16. Recently I did three similar tests in different ways 1. I inserted a piece of paper(partly unexposed) into control strip cover, and process. 2. Take the magazine to the light and pull about an inch length of paper and then rewind the paper into its original position, then fitted back the magazine. From this magazine I printed one image while allowing the lead paper to be fed, I normally use this lead paper as a chemical check. In both tests above the paper comes out as this one attached. 3. In this last test I cut a small piece of paper from magazine and manually dipped its one end into CD solution, turned black and the other end into BF solution, turned white. The first two tests suggest that chemicals or paper is bad the last test suggest all are good. "VERY PUZZLED NOW" NB. Before these tests... ...have changed chemicals in the tank into new twice. Prepared them carefully in the way I normally do. ....have used different rolls of papers which were in use before the problem arise ...have checked the solution temperature settings. All are fine as I used to work normally with the present values.
  17. Thank you for this post I hope to find the way now, I run the control strip to check the chemicals, the paper comes with white and brown colour, no black at all so I concluded the new chemicals are bad, bought another CD bottle and carefully prepared another new CD, then removed the previous CD washed the tank and the rack that goes into the CD. As I placed the new chemical I noticed something strange, the colour of the solution changed soon after finishing pouring it, it become brownish yellow and you couldn't tell the diferrence between CD (P1) and BF (P2) just by colour, they all look the same, (I use Lucky chemicals). Therefore I supporse there is some chemical leakage in the processor tanks that is the BF from processor tank leak into the CD processor tank. However I continued the work to processing the control strip as I was expected the paper camed with white and brown, no black at all. Now I am thinking to tear down the processor section to find the leakage but I dont know how, right now I have already removed the screws from the back cover and the back cover itself, now hunting around for the next part. Any help will be much appreciated
  18. Ok, I had already called a repair man, he came with my original Hd still untouched extracted the backup and loaded them, he knows the way very well, but the test print still look the same only the chroma has increased a little bit, he suggested the middle AoM is fault so we are planing to replace it tomorrow.
  19. Hero Sir do you still have this backup, I have qss 3001 and in need of its backup. Please send it to me. sudoapt2012@gmail.com
  20. Wow! Got into service mode and navigated into extension hoping to find an option to restore backup data but found non, what is the rout that will give me an option to restore back data from backup (.lzh files)
  21. By the way, how to enter service mode in qss 3001 as F > -1 or F1 > F9 does not work
  22. Thank you for your effort and shame on me for not having any backup, now the lesson has learned.
  23. Thank you for your replay, unfortunately I dont have any backup as I sent to a repair man my original hdd and in return he gave me this new hdd saying its a clone disk from a similar machine. Can I load the backup from this clone disk to solve this problem
  24. I just figured it as the new hdd from a friend was marked 3020.
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