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  1. Thank you for your information, so i need to replace CPZ23 board. it's hard to find it. for software, i will try to install, try to find another tutorial. thank you very much.
  2. Hi friends, i have fuji frontier sp3000, i bought this scanner include 2 pc, 1 pc for scanner & 1 pc for server. when i try to started scanner, the program start with error E-4468, then E-4471, and E-4740, then when i enter "print/export" mode, there's error appeared E-1774. i try to read manual service error code, it mentioned that there're faulty sensor or piezoelectric, abnormal CPZ23 circuit board power supply (error code attached). i try to open back cover scanner to see is there anything trouble at psu scanner, but it look like fine from led that i saw. i t
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