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  1. Does anyone have an idea what problem is being reported when the Pakon PSI software reports hardware fault 0x200? The scanner seems to start up fine. Blinking green LED that eventually goes solid. When the software starts up, there's a blinking amber LED, then blinking red, then solid red and the software flashes a dialogue box reporting hardware fault 0x200. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  2. Thanks in advance for being patient with a new member who's just getting started in an area of photography for which I have very limited previous experience. I'm working with someone right now who has a Fuji SP2500 scanner that was previously configured and working for standalone operation. It's networked to a Windows 10 HP laptop running PIC 2.6 and something called FES in a Windows XP virtual machine under VMWare. All of this was working fine until mid-November, at which point it inexplicably stopped. I've been trying to help them get it back up and running, but don't have expertise on th
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