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  1. Hello friends, My lab generally prints Fuji type CA, but due to a supply emergency needed to get PDN. The Fuji data sheet calls for LUT 157 (https://asset.fujifilm.com/www/us/files/2020-02/1dd2d0471e1e22dab01920a463588916/Fujicolor_Crystal_Archive_Paper_Type_PDn.pdf) however does not list 34 series, and my 3411 doesn't even go up that high! Is my software outdated, or is there an alternative LUT? I set it up under 142, and it seems to be OK - but if there is a better option I'd like to use it. Thanks in advanced
  2. Appreciate it Dave! Is this pre-scan adjustments? Does anyone have experience using the Tone Curve Correction software with images like these? Does it have both manual and automatic adjustments? I'm hoping that I'm not the only one that experiences issues with fried old film like this.
  3. Hello all. I know that everyone deals with processing very old C-41 film. We scan with HS-1800 and converted S-4s and will often get crazy cyan/magenta/blue shifting on output, the Noritsus struggle with the expired negatives. It will even correct some cyan then some magenta from frame to frame, so there is no consistency. Here is an example of two frames from the same roll: I'm wondering if anyone has some sort of software or settings based solution to get better results (any tricks?). Often times when they are this bad we will convert them to black and white + auto levels/contrast in photoshop for more favorable results, but this takes extra time. Thank you!
  4. FujiFilm definitely supplies the United States, our wet lab takes shipments almost weekly. I would try and get in contact with their sales department (sorry I don't have this information).
  5. Developer needs lots of agitation for sufficient processing. This looks about right I think... Unless the machine has been retrofitted with improper parts or plumbing at some point, there is no way you could have over circulation. The real question is how are your control strips? I wouldn't go looking for issues if the machine has been printing well, they'll come find you!
  6. Hi Danijel. There must be something in the exposure section in that spot. The exposure slit is somewhat difficult to get to as it is under the laser unit, so you'll have to remove it. I'm not sure of any other way to clean dust in this section, maybe someone else does?
  7. Is it happening only in one lane? Can you turn the lights off in the lab and still replicate? How are you pulling the leaders?
  8. Greatly appreciated Dave.
  9. The quad magazine is notoriously difficult to align, especially A2 - who installed/setup the machine for you? Seek out a 34 series service manual, there are several manual adjustments that can be made outside of the software, and a many step alignment procedure for new installations. We have a 3411 and only swap out B+C, leaving A+A2 with the same 4" magazines always.
  10. Thank you Dave! There is no printing on any of my heaters. Is there some sort of service document listing the wattage on the Noritsu heater cartridges? Do you know if any of the heaters in a 3805 are 400W?
  11. Hello all. I had the P1/CD heater fail in our 3703. According to parts list it is I029120-00, but I am unsure what the wattage is. I took a CD heater off of a 3805 RA printer, and it appears to be a much more powerful, temps can very quickly jump to +0.7c or more. I have the 3805 parts machine, would any of the other heaters be a more ideal swap? Thank you!
  12. Envirochem from FujiFilm is another good one. It takes a tremendous amount of elbow grease to get processing tanks to look clean. I would recommend using a scotch-brit type scouring pad and prepare your arm for serious scrubbing, you should be able to get most of the black build-up. There is no type of chemical cleaner that will make it magically go away.
  13. oliphaz


    Hello Feras, maybe this thread can be of help
  14. Are you sure it is not on the film itself? Does this only happen on black and white film? How are you processing your B&W? If you're hand processing are you using a squeegee? Those look like they could be marks from a worn squeegee - I've seen similar when hand processing.
  15. Just following up a bit late on this (if it hasn't been resolved). If this is the real file and this is the file name: 9804203_30x40-prem_NEW_j_1_N_8936577_00001.jpg.a145f669caf173229b8bbd613e037e12 You are getting the error because there is a .jpg. in the middle of the file. Rename the file and the printer should accept it. In general, most errors will be related to issues with the file name and/or extension, or it being some sort of new color profile.
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