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  1. I would check the sensors and solenoids in the loading box. Once it unlocks the door the loading box is no longer pulling the leader, the skipping could be because the leader is far enough that the first rack is pulling at it. Check the outputs for the loading section. I believe you need to put the machine in service mode for this, which involves a dip switch on the power board.
  2. Those look magenta. We recently had a similar issue with noise and it required green laser repair.
  3. If your rollers are in bad shape I too would recommend replacing them. You can find kits on eBay which are pretty much OEM. The replacement is a bit tedious but should be a long term solution.
  4. I am just talking about clearing orders here, no need to go to settings.
  5. Have you deleted all of the "Processed" orders in the M5001 Controller Main Display? Not sure if this would have anything to do with it, but worth a shot if there is some sort of order cap.
  6. Generally when trying to do a "super cleaning" I will flush the tanks a couple of times, then put the racks back in and fill with water + some sort of cleaning solution. Start the machine up and let it circulate/heat your cleaning solution for as long as you deem necessary. You can also run the processor drive so that the racks are turning while soaking. The tanks themselves seem to be most practical way to soak your racks before scrubbing them down. Rinse & repeat until satisfied.
  7. Start with the exposure advance rollers and belts and make sure they are free of any debris, for some reason the paper isn't moving smoothly during exposure. I've had far less drastic instances of what you showed remedied by cleaning the underside of the main exposure belt. I haven't dealt with a 38 but I'm sure its similar to other Noritsu printers. The exposure drive belts are yellow/orange; they are very tight with minimal play. I've never removed them, but you should be able to clean just turning them slowly with a bit of patience.
  8. Are these lines running parallel or perpendicular to paper travel?
  9. BrianW - we recently picked up a 37 series and run with Dakis and ROES. Dakis has been running great through EZcontroller, but I have yet to try and setup ROES on it. From what I can tell the M5001 Main Controller Display seems to work very much like an "always on" Net Order mode (we also print on a 34 series through Net Order). I'll come back and give you an update once I get time to figure it out.
  10. What is the error message? This sounds like an issue with the paper advance leading up to the exposure unit.
  11. Issue resolved. LEDs were not on with machine running. Simply unplugged and reset connection from Printer PCB to Capacity Booster J, then ran Software Upgrade to Printer I/F Main. 01920-00576 Must be Booster J missing or something.
  12. Thank you! I'm getting error 01920-00576, and I'm not seeing this specific number in my service manual. The machine type is set to QSS-3703HDPRO, and I installed with the printer serial #. I will confirm LED visual.
  13. I was able to get software for "G", however have software install booster key still not detected. Does anyone have Capacity Booster Software J?
  14. We had similar issue last year, it was the motor circled going bad. It holds and releases the paper as the arm goes up. "Paper Hold Motor" I believe. Check output function.
  15. Hello. My lab purchased a second hand 3703HD Pro F, and it appears all of the crossover rollers are out of sort. This is a PP-1217G3F processor. We have a few machines and some spare rollers, but I am having a difficult time identifying rollers based on p/n, and I think some of these have been changed/updated. I may also need to purchase some new rollers. Can anyone help by sharing a photo or describing the following rollers, saying if I have it right? A059880-00 - Crossover 1, entrance roller next to solid ribbed roller. A074137-00 - Crossover 2, Hard/Solid roller? A074141
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