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  1. I also wish to get a technician to work on my machine. but the PH replacement and the workmanship is very expensive for me. I'm just doing small business. Seems like not worth to ask them to come over to work on my machine. That's why I wish I can clean it myself and solve the issue. Do anyone of you have the service manual that i can refer?
  2. Thank you Hivanov for the reply. From the suggestions above, can i know: 1. where is the capping station location? and also PH location? is it easy to take out the PH? Any video or tutorial that can help me on top of this? Thank you
  3. Can i know if I can manually clean the pH myself. How can i do it?
  4. Thank you for the reply. I wish to take off the PH myself and clean it. Is there any tutorial or video clips to show how to remove the PH in my machine D1005HR? Only the yellow PH need to be cleaned? If have not experience to remove print head then can try to clean on printer. Take empty cartridge, fill cleaning liquid and put new Y chip. Then do power head cleaning 2 For above this, the cleaning liquid is??? new Y chip is? Can i see how's the PH looks like? Because I never see before. Do you have any PH images? Thank you
  5. Yes, I am using the genuine Ink from Noritsu
  6. Can I know how to adjust the alignment? Thank you Sonnyphoto
  7. Thank you Purnomosetiawan, my printer also always turn off after working hour. Next day morning just on back the machine and operate. Do you experience the issue i facing now? From the nozzle check, just the yellow line got issue, the rest are fine. And why the output photo got line, is the PH cause the problem also?
  8. Thanks for the reply..but my machine always On..why the PH will dry? is there other way instead of try F1+F9. Will it be driver or software issue?
  9. is there any other way instead of replace the PH? because the PH price very expensive..
  10. After clean everytime, the result is same like above. No different.
  11. Hi Sir/ Madam, I am newbie here. I have a Noritsu Machine and model is D1005HR. Recently I have a problem with my printer. Please look at the attachment. I have did the power head cleaning which press F1 + F9 and the issue still remaining. The photo also have line. What is the problem? Can any expert help me on top of this? Thank you
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