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  1. Hi , No i changed to other brand Asrock g31ms , and i solve some problem i faced, but there is only one line remining i cant find where i have to connect it because in old motherboard was connecting to beside resetbu. powerb. Pled. HDled. and it was the pc working automatically when i switch on the machine , now i need to turn on manually . and machine now printing blue colors only , i need to resetting the machine again , how ? Thanks
  2. Hello . I have qss-3201 sd and motherboard damaged , so i install it on new motherboard but because windows 2000 need full format after change the mother , we format it with windows xp pro / and other try with windows 2000 also , and install the software from the original CD that come with the machine lab , unfortunately same issue we got it , program open but without and things its like empty program frame window , there is not bottoms nothing , its seem like not connecting to the machine . device manager i try to update manually the device its got driver from the cd so all devices have drive
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