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  1. Thank you for responses Last week I changed the gear that spins the elevator because it was broken and I checked that it moves up and down normally before I did any mixing replenisher. I was able to mix my replenisher after flushing out the P1R P2RA & P2RB with hot water a couple times more, just in case to check that the lower level sensors was working. After successfully doing the mixing replenisher operation, P2RB upper solution sensor was not detected and I added some water to it Now everything is fixed
  2. Hi So I am trying to fix Predetermined process amount was exceeded No. 05912-00000 on a Fuji Frontier LP 7200 Firstly I drained the P1R, P2RA & P2RB Then inserted new CP-49LR cartridge ready to do the mixing replenisher But like halfway through draining the cartridge it suddenly terminated the process and this error pops up Failed to open the replenisher cartridge No.05908-00005 There is nothing clogging the noozles and it has clearly puncture the cartridge. I tried several times already but still the same results
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