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  1. Thanks Dave.. You were SPOT ON It switched straight over to load next film...!! Cheers, G.
  2. Tried pressing "Mode A" and "Enter" The display changed to "Mode Selection (0 - 9)" What should I do next???
  3. Thanks again to all those previous replies to help get our Noritsu Film Processor up and running... Yesterday we happily processed 64 rolls of film with zero issues ---- Today turned on the machine and followed the startup procedures Check, check, check... but then it came up with Error message 122 - Clean Loading Rollers Cleaned the rollers ..... But left with the error message 122, and no logical way the clear the message Any ideas? Regards, Graeme
  4. Thanks.... I can only assume your pointing to these earlier comments... ?? With the reply cut short I had to go back through every comment to try and find a match with words. Because the answers have been coming through in bits and pieces its a matter of matching up the bits to find out what to actually get my electrician to do.. Now it appears the answer was here all along but got lost amongst everything else.. **There is nothing wrong with my electrician... he is just being super cautious since he has never worked on one of these machines before Moreso with the misin
  5. Firstly my electrician is not technician so please bare with us... Powering up the New Transformer 1/. Do we need to connect the 100V from the new TR2 the the circuit breaker on the side or straight to TR1? If connecting to TR1 where are the terminals 2/. The 240 live and neutral coming from the terminal block the the contactors X11 and X12, does anything else have to change to 240V inside the machine
  6. How much more powerful?? 250, 500 or 1000VA?
  7. No idea why that link became soo long... all I copied was one similar to yours... Thanks, yes I was just rereading your part about transformer connected two fuses... when your latest reply arrived.. I could not see any reference to 300 - 400w on that listing I posted so had no idea what to look for... Thanks for the clarification Being a photo guy of 40+ years starting out in processing (1980 - 7 hr!) unfortunately electrics and electronics is not my specialty!! I can only hope my electrician can make sense of it all, otherwise I will need to search for someone who doe
  8. Any chance this could fill the place of the T2..??
  9. Any chance this could fill the place of the T2..?? https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/triad-magnetics/VPT230-430/237-1338-ND/2090076?utm_adgroup=Power Transformers&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping_Product_Transformers&utm_term=&productid=2090076&utm_id=go_cmp-8165958223_adg-85970387658_ad-398220272631_pla-918921856467_dev-c_ext-_prd-2090076_sig-Cj0KCQjwmIuDBhDXARIsAFITC_4Gt_ojaRAU0HchOuh0hsbMvPWX8XDlyPsm38ZJ7NlVzqtAtE7uduwaAkTMEALw_wcB&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmIuDBhDXARIsAFITC_4Gt_ojaRAU0HchOuh0hsbMvPWX8XDlyPsm38ZJ7NlVzqtAtE7uduwaAk
  10. I found the gear position to change the speed... thanks..!! Checked over every panel inside and out as well as this transformer... G.
  11. Minilab Service : The unit arrived along with these installation specifications, but no manuals QSF-430L-3 (U) ? --- Photocorp : Thank you... I will share this with my electrician to see if he understand any of it... If you have a manual for the QSF-430L-3 (U) a copy would be very much appreciated Cheers, G.
  12. Minilab Service : Sorry exact the Model is Unknown? The unit arrived with no identifying stickers or logos. I was only told that it was a 430 the predecessor to the V30. Would there be any other way of determining the model other than labels? --- Photocorp : Thank you... I will share this with my electrician to see if he understand any of it... The manual would be very much appreciated, but of course first we need to know the model... Cheers, G.
  13. In May of 2020 I purchased a Noritsu 430 Film Processor from Adam at International Photo Machines in Florida. Finally arrived in September. Finding an electrician to connect power to it has been difficult This 430 machine has been setup to use two lines of 110v (USA) Now nearing end of March 2021 The supplier says the answer should be as easy as buying two 240v to 110v step down transformers for $20 And simply plug them in?? At the same time he suggests that the machine requires 13amps?? Even the local electronics store says a transformer to deal with 1
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