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  1. does anyone know how to run ez controller version 7.20 without a dongle
  2. I have a problem with 3001 noritsu in 8x14 inch printing the paper gets stuck
  3. clean the glass where it exposes the paper
  4. of course you can install an ssd and in windows xp operating system
  5. How much do you charge me to install and network 3202 with ez controller I already have the software, it would only be to install and configure
  6. I already have circulation in the CD tank and the temperature error continues to appear, the temperature does not even rise, the water levels are cold
  7. update the computer of the 3501f noritsu machine and install the new version v12 of the 3501 system it stays like this and does not start
  8. I am looking for the latest version of EZ Controller, Can you send the link to this to mcarchi.ah@gmail.com or revelarahuajuapan@hotmail.com
  9. this is my email mcarchi.ah@gmail.com
  10. if the system is loaded from the 3202 sd pro system program v.502s to a 3202 sm pro if it can? or what needs to be changed? se il sistema viene caricato dal programma di sistema 3202 sd pro v.502s a un 3202 sm pro se può? o cosa deve essere cambiato?
  11. Minilab service is the one that sells me the software, he has all the software
  12. this software looks like xender lab
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