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  1. thanks ill have to remember that if it happens again
  2. We don't get it took the assemble out and put it back in we re-fitted the leader card switch (lower) it started working again We don't get it at ALL. really appreciate everyone's help here.
  3. checked the rollers, but they are plastic. could plastic still swell, or or could there be something else blocking the leader card. i know if i hold down a little on the white gear that gets stuck it will go through. but still even then, the doors safety lock or whatever comes undone before the roll has left its canister. and thanks for the reply.
  4. Hell i have been having problems with my developer lately. when trying to load film or the leader card the roller that feed the film or card seem to stop and make a clicking noise, also the door unlocks its self before the film is loaded all the way into the machine. I've attached a small video of the problem. 20210331_154344.mp4
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