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  1. Hi Dave S and Minilab Service Trust you are well First i would like to thank you for all the input you have provided - H001 software worked on the Qss3101 - Unlike what i heard - he advice i might "bricked" QSS - due to software issue. I have cut the fiber cable to the image processing pcb - took the whole board out - due to "rubbish" fiber plastic inside the hole; Cut and Reconnected the fibre cable by the arcnet hub - as the laser pcb (on the software communication section was up and down); Everything is back to normal now.
  2. Thank you But image processing pcb + image correction + special correction (abnormal termination).. what can i do now? it the image processing pcb i assume
  3. Just out of curiosity - can they release the H002 software - to "Certain 3101's" or the software should be compatible with all qss 3101? Right?
  4. Thank you. i just dont know where to start. After this H002 version - it became disaster for me. Dunno how to start and where to start - unplugged the memory module as adviced - confirmed them this time round. Just fibre cable... i have cut the 1 from image processing pcb to arcnet hub. but during software update now (H002) - Restarted the pc - touched the fibre cable again - (processor was abnormal terminating) - (processor is now 1%) how can one clean the slot inside the fibre holes?
  5. Hi Dave But i want to ask - if I fail to upgrade software version H002 - does it "brick" the QSS machine? Cause now - i am going to delete the whole QSS again.
  6. Please can someone assist me? Now i struggle at the software upgrade - G002 version.
  7. Hi Minilab service Was image processing pcb 6901 - and now paper supply section? But after no / clear error - Only image processing pcb - please can you advice where is the fibre cable for this section? Is it the only 2 fibre cable on top of the image processing board?
  8. Hi Everything is normally terminated - except the arcnet communication error - image processing pcb - please can you advice where is the arcnet for this set of cable? Is it on top of the image processing pcb board toward to the computer? please can you advice?
  9. Good day Dave Trust you are well Yes - i did re slot the memory module around; Position J347 is the Composite memory J390554 Position J446 is the Expansion memory J390552 But now - when i switch it on - it says Arcnet communication error - Processor Now i have reinstall the software - says processor - and everything - without option. Please can you advice where can i check?
  10. Will do tomorrow first thing. just felt, the fibre connection - can’t understand - sometime works- sometime doesn’t. But dunno where to start.
  11. Thank you for your reply, I will have a look tomorrow morning, was fiddling with it the whole day today. but pls advice about the image correction pcb error? the first 4 red led did come on, but after restart, logged to Qss - I never seen it again. Is it normal ? is it normal that now it print emulsion test become so yellow?
  12. Hi Dave, thank you for the reply, Im not sure if I’m on the same page as u mentioned but system version check - all say Ok. (except the one I didn’t purchase) pls can you advice what else to check? I have taken all the ram modules, processing image correction pcb all out, and slot them back 100%.
  13. Good day Please can somebody please assist I tried to upgrade to the latest Main System Software (H version) from (G002) But then it started to give me hassles (with the arcnet - image processing PCB error) So i have deleted the H version and delete all the files on C:/ drive; Reinstalled G002 software with the profile - All the testing pass with normal termination; But it pops up error 6827 - 0002 - image correction PCB connection error; And i tried to print emulsion paper test - it come out all yellow?
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