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  1. Hi again, my VM works with the MiniLab Thanks again! Are there suggested sizes for C, D and memory configuration in the VM? No idea which size is good for smooth working. And is it possible to connect two instances to the Mini Lab? There must be a different name for the computer for sure... BR Jo
  2. Will the Lab be recognized at connection time to the LAN? There have to be some configurations for devices and so on... (Icons, drive letters, ...) Without connection, there is no choice in the checkboxes.
  3. ...additional question: Is it necessary to have a funtional ethernet connection until software installation in the VM? ...and thanks again to share your information with NooB Jo
  4. Many Thanks! So I will try again to make it work with the VM. Can you tell, which VM you used and how you configured the IP correctly? The Laptop Ethernet port will be connected to the HUB, where the LAB is connected to. Must the IP of the laptop be assigned to the IP range of the Minilab (for example is the lab and is the laptop) or needs to be the IP of the VM? I'm actual not fully understanding the network bridging of the VM, since the VM uses just the ethernet connection of the laptop. I'm not an expert on this :-)
  5. Hello, my girlfriend has a Frontier 330 Mini Lab. The W2K Frontend PC's Motherboard is died today. I was reading already some older posts, where always was told, that an exchange PC needs a SCSI card. The device list of the old PC was showing a SCSI device, but the 2 hard drives were connected to SATA connectors. There was a 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller entry in the list...maybe it's an onboard SCSI controller. Now my questions: - will a PC without SCSI card also work or for what is it needed? The PC has only a network connection to the Frontier 330...
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