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  1. Hi Sir , lot of thanks for the recomendations . After closing the Noritsu software , ran for the self check application on C part of the computer . The first line PCI-LVDS/ Arcnet have this message : PC s Arcnet Control PCB is not installed . Possible causes are : PCB is not installed , Device Driver PCB is not intsalled, Device Driver to control PCB did not process correctly . The last few days after the messages of Arnet communication errors appeared , the properly shutdown ( close down check , F , quit application ) coudnt be done , only could shut down as a normal computer . Today just ch
  2. Thanks for your kindly replies Mr Maxi . When the QSS 3202SD restarted , it only showed the errors Arcnet communications from different parts of the machine. But from there on couldnt even go to any functions such as Run Arcnet test . Not even having the alarm sound on , its muted . Just changed another fiber optic which connect to the board below the dryer to the terminal which is beside the upper magazine board .But the problem still remained . If there is any way can run on diagnose where can go directly , please advise . Thanks again for your attentions and helps .
  3. Good morning . Recently the QSS-3202 Sd started the error messages , which come with printer , processor , scanner AFC , Laser , Switch Control PCB after accidentally loosen the 2 fiber optics from the PCB board at the side of the upper magaine which use to comunicate to the board under the blower part by doing maitenance to the circulation pump . After that , checked the fiber optics and cleaned from the PCB boards , scanner , processor , switch control . Still have the same errors which cannot eliminate . Please help any recommendations will be appreciate . Thanks a lot .
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