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  1. Hi All, I have just received and installed the new 5v psu from Noritsu. The I038320 indeed, and that was the culprit. It work now like a charm. Thank you very much for all your assistance in finding the fault. Really appreciate all your input and time helping out! Thank you Mike
  2. Thanks guys much appreciate all your help! I have received reply from Noritsu Australia, and a replacement 5v power supply will be on its way soon. Thank you!
  3. The power supply I038404-00 on the diagram (red X on the photo) is not getting any power out. The other power supply I038405-00 has 24v out Yes, the solid state relay makes sense... So I guess it is narrowed down to the I038404-00 being the issue. Does anyone know of a supplier for parts for these scanners?
  4. Thanks Dave, and Minilab Service I've measured 5v coming out of i004074-00, which is not highlighted. So the one with the red X should also be 5V then? I wonder if Noritsu still supplies spare components for this. WiIl enquire Monday Has any of you had experience with this issue and fixed it? I'm hopeful a solution that won't render this machine useless... Thanks all for your help
  5. I've measured 5v out and 24 out. The one indicated on diagram, has zero voltage coming out, should that have 5 or 24 ?
  6. I was able to find 24v but not able to find 36v coming out anywhere, I assume it supposed to be i038404-00 the 36v. Is this issue something that you have encountered in the past?
  7. Thank you very much! I'll have a look today Really appreciate your time
  8. Hello ^_^ I have a LS600 film scanner and I have been using it for a good 6 months now, love it. However, one day it failed to establish a connection to the computer. Nothing has changed in setup or on the pc. The software just keep saying please connect scanner. I have tried different USB ports and even different computers. No luck, same result. When plugged the scanner into USB, it had always came to life and did its start up routine. This time, all that I can hear turn on is fan, no actual sounds of scanner mechanism nor any lights at the front. The PCBs see
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