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  1. Hi David. yes i thought about. The rollers are too short.
  2. Hi David, yes, could be. But i'm curious about the negative space on the right of the sleever. It does not make sense to have this space.
  3. Hi Guys, does anybody know if it is possible to rebuild the ENV-M6 from cutting negs as 4 to negs as 6? I have one cutting negs as 4 but i saw little screw holes on the top side which means for me to move the rollers wider than they are as well as the output area looks for me to be possible cutting 6 negs as well isn't it? Hopefully somebody understand what i mean. I can provide pictures of my ENV if needed by tonight. Many thanks
  4. Thanks Dave and Yustas, i will check these and will let you know after i have done this procedure.
  5. Thanks Yustas, i have tried this 2 times and does not help out. Can you recommend something to put in this water as well? Like some cleaning material or better not?
  6. Good Morning Guys, i recently purchased a V30 RA and started to clean that thing 2 days long. Tested it with water several times, cleaned the rollers very well and have done several leadercard tests. Everything seems to be fine so far but last night I tried to test the procedure with an old non exposed film to check if the cutter and everything else works fine. After the film gets cut the display shows an error that the cutter does not work. I remember to saw an error code 021 I think. The film was cutted very well at the right position but the error remains on the display. The seco
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