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  1. Kalau tetap dilanjutkan untuk scan, tidak ada hasil gambar yang tersimpan pak
  2. okay I'll try the other scanning app, thank you for your suggestion
  3. That bad idea indeed, but i've run the check, here is the screenshot of it
  4. the picture is not look good because the quality of the negative, that is a sample negative to check the scanner
  5. i've checked that too, and all of it is in good condition
  6. And the weird thing is before that, on the corrective action when we can center the scanned image, the picture is there, here is the screenshot to help you understand my point.
  7. i know it's not black and white because that's not my picture, i took it from another topic, just to make you understand the judgement display that i mean. Here is the screenshot of my father's pc. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  8. I'm really sorry if my word make you confused because i dont really know what this is all about, i'm just helping my father to find an answer to fix this problem. Hopefully you guys know what i mean
  9. Hello there, i am gilang from indonesia, so my father worked for a company that provides services developing and scanning film, they use Noritsu ls-1100, suddenly the scanner doesn't work properly because at the judgement display menu it only show a blank white, which usually we can tweak the colour before proceed to scan it. Here is the picture to help you understand what i mean. I took it from another topic in this web, BUT in my case, the judgement display shows blank white, with no picture at all. All the hardware part of the scanner is in good condition. Do you know what is exactly happened to the scanner? And know how to fix it? Because it hinder the work of entire office, our technician is not available at the moment, so i think someone might know how to resolve this problem. You can email me at gilangsyahputra81@gmail.com, i am really looking forward to hear from you. I also want to thank you for your time, i'm sorry if my english is hard to understand.
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