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  1. Thank you Minilab service for your reply. Unfortunately I don't have any equipment supplier, software supplier, or service engineer in France. I bought the scanner from a store that has stopped operating, and I have no manual... I tried to find the location on service setup, but nothing... i will try to double check tonight I have not seen this type of setting in the setup service, in which tab is it? I work on a Mac, so having a computer with Windows 10 doesn't really interest me. But I would still like to update the software to the latest version, can you do that online? I tried to reinstall drivers, but I can't because of my administrator password problem. you say I can set path to any disk, but when I try to configure a new folder or a new EX-PC, the software open a windows with only old networked folder, and I can't add a new one. can we talk about it? I would just like to remake a clean pc with a clean windows install before, but it is possible that I call on your services.
  2. Hi all ! I just bought a DS2001-E in superb condition for a fair price. I recovered everything, computer ( XP embedded), scanner, all masks, license key, scanner keyboard, software ... etc. https://ibb.co/xCfW37F https://ibb.co/JvK7hV7 https://ibb.co/HTqkk8g I have a few questions and requests: 1: I can't find my scanned images !? Where can they go? I tried to look at all possible software folders, there is a d: / storage with the scan information folder in it, but no images ... it may be necessary to program an external PC? I tried to change the folder destination, but maybe I did not do the right thing. https://ibb.co/jhqkLJf https://ibb.co/JkSPz3z https://ibb.co/wg5gJTS 2: Is it possible to change the type of image, .Jpg or .Tiff? how? 3: Is it possible to upgrade the firmwire or the software version to the latest as well as for the components? https://ibb.co/s9S19p2 https://ibb.co/vVCk5vc 4: It seems that the firewire card present in the PC to connect the scanner has a driver problem (there are yellow ? In the hardware components) however everything works correctly but windows tells me that the device does not work correctly, how how to update the driver and how to fix the problem? 5: is it possible to send the scanned images directly to a networked Mac? 6: I have a Konica administrator code on the computer, does anyone know if this code is generic to all Konica computers? i don't have the code and can't do any modification on the computer without the one Thank you in advance for your reply
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