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  1. Thank you! Everything is clarified! In case that I want to run the server on an old Mac is that possible? Last question…for downloading software is there a certain site?
  2. Yeap I understand this. But in order to communicate with each other I will have to add them on a Network. My server doesn't have a firewire card unless I install one and problem solved otherwise the only way to have both communicating is a small hub.
  3. Ok now it's more clear to me Well that other PC doesn't have firewire cards (I was about to order one), so I suppose it's the server. I guess Scanner Computer + Server Computer that means a small local network, right? I have no access to software nor they gave me any installation CDs. Thanks! AF.
  4. FMPC is the PC that controls the Printer, correct? Currently my hardware besides the fujis comes with one more PC that runs the Print software. That one doesn't have an IEEE 1394 Board/Firewire PCB and I think previously it was accessed via Network. The scanner I as have figured out was connected directly with the firewire on FP350 board. I hope this description helps a bit more.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm pretty much new to this. I have acquired 2 FP350 and 2 SP2000 recently. I'm in the process of trying to get everything connected. Service people is a bit scarce in my country and if you find them they will charge you a lot for basic work. So far I have connected the one SP with the printer. Haven't tested the end result but the communication works. I'd like to use the other SP2000 as a stand alone scanner. I have no clear picture of what software and/or hardware I'm going to need. Just for the info, I can use both a Mac (preferable) and a Windows system. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Athos.
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