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  1. I tell you that I managed to solve my problem, installing the capacity booster D software, thank you very much everyone for the answers
  2. This problem appears, does not confirm that the software is installed the capacity booster? Since when the system starts, it asks me to detect the dongle even though it is installed in the LPT port, and if I don't have the software, I think that error should not appear. Before also the system worked in windows 2000 now that the motherboard failed I decided to use windows Xp Sp3
  3. The software and driver of the capacity booster D is a separate installation from the system program ?, since I had commented on my case to Noritsu America and they replied that the software and the driver were already inside the installation folder of the system program.
  4. Hello, how are you all, currently I am facing a problem, the motherboard has failed and I had to change the motherboard but once re-installed, the dongle of the capacity booster D no longer recognizes it, I suspect that the dongle has broken down, I investigated and I saw that there is a way to activate the capacity booster D in a virtual way, someone who can help me in this situation, the speed of production of the machine under too much. Greetings
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