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  1. Any way to have it at 6-7mb or 10-12mb?
  2. Is there a way to get a 7-10mb jpg out of the noritsu 1800? At the moment I’m getting about 4mb with mid res and on the high setting about 30mb. How can I get it to be right in the middle?
  3. Hey guys! I just got a HS-1800 in the shop and Im trying to figure out what are the best settings to change before I start scanning customers work. Also any tips will be welcomed. Thanks for all the help you guys have given me!
  4. I’ll definitely be checking this out! Thank you
  5. Thanks for the informative replay! How do I check the the condition of the zoom unit and the focus? What should I look for when I turn off the D-ice off? I’ll be going today to take a look. Wish me luck!
  6. Hey Guys I’ll be checking out a Noritsu HS-1800 soon and i wanted some tips before purchasing it. What should I look for when I’m inspecting the scanner. Also what version of ez controller should come with the scanner. I really appreciate your help!
  7. This is what the listing says 120AFC-II (CONVERTED 120AFC) Film Carrier for Noritsu
  8. Hey guys, I'm in need of a 120mm carrier but not sure if its a good idea to buy a converted one from china. Does anyone have any advice in using one?
  9. Thank you for the reply. As far as the output, what differences will I see?
  10. Hello friends Is there a big difference from a Noritsu S2 to an S4? Would customers notice it? Thanks in advance!
  11. My tech was telling me the same but I just wanted a second opinion. I’ve always got my wedding/event pictures printed by labs that print with frontiers so I was set on getting one as well. Will there be a big difference on color on 4x6 prints from Fuji and Noritsu? Thank you guys for your replies.
  12. Hey guys quick question, I have an option of getting a Fuji 370 or Noritsu 3300 for the same price. I plan on printing regular cellphone pictures as well as local photographers prints. I have a Fuji Sp3000 scanner already if that matters.
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