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  1. thank you for saying that! it's been really hard to get in touch with our software supplier and I thought that we were missing out on a lot of things...
  2. Hello all! I'm wondering if anyone has an operating instructions manual? I have found service and workflow maintenance ones. but I'd like to know how to change file settings, what the default printing sizes mean, and and how to export the images without making copies. (things of that nature) Thank you all for being so helpful, I'm learning so much through this forum
  3. Hi all thanks for reaching out! the problem was our gpa boards giving us digital noise. we got it fixed
  4. hi there minilab mentors! does anyone know of any technicians for the frontier who live in LA county or nearby? any contacts in california would be so helpful thank y'all
  5. hiiiiii I have a question for my Minilab mentors! Recently I cleaned out the processing tanks and I'm waiting on new chemical filters to arrive till I mix solutions for the working tanks. This is my concern- I know the chemicals in the replenishing tanks have been in there for about 6 weeks...can that cause serious contamination for the new mixtures in the working tanks and ruin the film? thank y'all, you rule!
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392177993945?epid=1238330356&hash=item5b4fa148d9:g:zCEAAOxy-j9SR7eR I was looking at this one!
  7. thanks Dave! I soaked the tanks in bleach over the weekend and found huge dirt particles(almost like sand) in the stb tanks ! I've already scrubbed all the processing rollers with a toothbrush but I will go over it again just In case...
  8. Howdy again! I've been fighting this issue for about a week lol I've cleaned the processing rollers, loading rollers, as well as the rollers in the dyer rack. After cleaning all that it has gotten better but still faintly there. I'm waiting for my silver recovery to be serviced today then I'm going to drain the chemicals and clean the working tanks and subtanks-letting it soak over the weekend with water and bleach. oh! I'll be replacing chemical filters too. I'm wondering if I need new rollers (where can I find those specific parts for v-30) OR if it has anything to do with the temperature of the dryer? Appreciate any tips or advice Thank you mini-lab mentors! IMG_3666.HEIC IMG_3667.HEIC
  9. Howdy! IMG_3665.HEIC A few leader cards are looking burnt at the edges? Maybe? Currently my dryer temps are set to- DRY1=55.0 DRY2=60.0 DRY3=55.0 How do they interact with each other ? should they all be the same temp?
  10. Just found a densitometer on eBay! thank y'all !!
  11. Do all c-41 control strips need software to read them? I'm starting up a lab and would like everything to be running smoothly and consistently on our v30 before we start taking clients. I've tried reaching out to fuji because I know they have oasis, but it seems like it's going to take them forever to get back to me Does anyone know of any other qualified vendors I can reach out to that also provide the software to read them? thank you thank you
  12. Thank you so so much Dave! That clarifies it up for me
  13. Hello everyone I'm super new to working with a v30 and I have a lot of questions because I can't seem to find the specifics in the manual... I found the amount of liters the replenisher tanks hold(thanks to this forum lol) but I'm confused on what and how much to put in the chemical filters in the subtank area. Also how much to put into the processing tanks themselves or does the replenisher tank automatically give the processing tank the chemicals? Draining the waste is another thing I'm confused on as well Any advice or tips y'all could give me I'd greatly appreciate! I'm in desperate need of a minilab mentor lol
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