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  1. I recently had a problem with the magazine and it was folding the paper and it didn't allow me to load the paper and it came out as a jam but now it happens that it doesn't load the paper and on the contrary it returns the paper to the magazine and I have to take the paper out again to re-place but no matter how hard I try, it does the same. What could be the cause?
  2. Good evening, I've noticed that the frontier 340 still doesn't ask me to replace the cartridge even though I'm already three rolls of paper and I've noticed that the color in the photo doesn't come out as strongly and the black color looks half blue. what should I do? When I checked the booster chemical levels it was low and I top it off with water and the pumps are working properly. I hope you can help me. T_T
  3. I am changing the chemical wells of the frontier 340 and I wanted to know what is the proportion of chemical that I should put in the developer and the bleach along with the starter. I will be very grateful.
  4. I understand, and how could I solve it? What do you mean by BF and STB?
  5. I was checking the photos that come out for identity documents and the white areas are not white but a smoky white. Why is this, how can I correct it?
  6. Thanks for your support, in the end I was able to solve the problem by cleaning the laser mirrors. It was complicated but now it's ok. XD
  7. good morning, I have a problem with the photos in the fujifilm 340 and it is printing with some white lines in the middle of the photo. How could I correct this problem?
  8. That is the pattern that is used to align the laser and I wanted to know how to use it because how I do it is not working. Right now my machine is taking photos this way You will see at the bottom that there is a blue line and on the sides a red line, I want to correct that and I can not.
  9. good afternoon the scanner of my frontier 340 is misaligned and the photos are out of focus. I was doing the laser alignment process with the pattern that I show in the photo, but so far I cannot get the photo focused. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, how should I do it? I need help.
  10. Good evening I have a frontier 340 and I have changed computers and they do not have the frontier network to send the photos directly to the minilab pc, how could I do it, is there any software I need?
  11. Buenos dias Tengo una Fujifilm frontier 340 que estaba trabajando bien y de repente algo sucedió y empezó a imprimir de color azul en las fotos y después paso a ser amarillo, cambie la estación láser y aom y me sale este error (ver la foto) Me dijeron que es porque el láser no esta alineado. como podría solucionarlo o como debo alinear el láser?
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