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  1. That is the pattern that is used to align the laser and I wanted to know how to use it because how I do it is not working. Right now my machine is taking photos this way You will see at the bottom that there is a blue line and on the sides a red line, I want to correct that and I can not.
  2. good afternoon the scanner of my frontier 340 is misaligned and the photos are out of focus. I was doing the laser alignment process with the pattern that I show in the photo, but so far I cannot get the photo focused. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, how should I do it? I need help.
  3. Good evening I have a frontier 340 and I have changed computers and they do not have the frontier network to send the photos directly to the minilab pc, how could I do it, is there any software I need?
  4. Buenos dias Tengo una Fujifilm frontier 340 que estaba trabajando bien y de repente algo sucedió y empezó a imprimir de color azul en las fotos y después paso a ser amarillo, cambie la estación láser y aom y me sale este error (ver la foto) Me dijeron que es porque el láser no esta alineado. como podría solucionarlo o como debo alinear el láser?
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