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  1. Worked like a charm with the 126 mask, so thanks guys.
  2. Update: Same question, but different film type. Appears to be same size as 35mm, but has only one hole on the bottom/top and the actual photo is more square. Attemtped to feed in normal 35mm mask, but did not work. Thoughts? (*cough Keith cough* )
  3. Thanks so much for that. Working a treat in my 110 mask. Although, it appears to be quite time consuming as i have to one frame at a time!
  4. Kia ora everyone, As I got into lab work when film was heading its way out I am no expert on the matter. Had a customer come in with some negatvies wanting to go to cd. I have attached a photo with the film in question, plus a 35mm film to show size comparison. Almost looks like an APS film, but with no canister. If you know the type of film it is, would you also happen to know whether a 340 can print it (I have most masks/attachements, although some are broken :S ) Cheers guys.
  5. Cheers for the reply. I have got it all working with a little help also from someone else. Its fun...now I have to scoure my friends and families for some old slides.
  6. Ummm....the film carrier says NC 100 AC. Does that help? I can remove and slide back the film carrier. And the equipment is just various masks plus the attachment that you put in the film carrier (im assuming).
  7. Hey the pic did work (just not in preview mode) Please ignore the dirty finger nail :/
  8. Hello all, I recently got my hands on some old slides and some masks to be able to print from these masks. I have never printed from slides before (only been working the in them minilab industry for a couple of years really) and was wondering what type of mask size I would use. Hmmm....uploaded a pic of the slides but I cant seem to get it working. Anyway they are slides that i think are 35mm, with a plastic type frame around them. So what mask would I be using? I assume the 35 = 135 in terms of masks. So could it be a manual mask 135p, reversal mount mask 135f, nega mask 135H ect. The slides I think a "positive' slides. Anyhelp for a photolab n00b would be appreciated. I also have the other equipment (which I have no idea how to use) so does anyone know if there is a tutorial online? (e.g. diffusion box, callibration mask). Cheers,
  9. Hey Wallie, I have a question regarding the system 89 and networking to G3's. Recently the machine has been having major issues of another sort (printing vertical white lines down enlargements and sometimes 6X4). Now apparantly a part is being ordered to fix the problem, take a bit of time ect ect. but in the mean time to solve the problem all I have to do is restart the computer and it works for a while. However, I have found that when I restart the computer the G3's are no longer connecting to the system 89 when it is started up again. I think this only happens if someone is sending an order at the time of restarting. Regardless, i end up having to turn off the system 89, all the G3's, reset the hub and turn everything on again. Takes about 15-20min. Then problems can still occur where the networking programme the runs in the background (called TOMCAT or something, often it will load then exit after a few seconds) often wont start up automatically and if it doesn't (even if I start the programme myself) the G3's sometimes wont connect still and i have restart the machine again (usually only once) till the TOMCAT/ Catanalia (or whatever its called!!) programme starts up by itself. SO, What is the best way in your opionion that I should be restarting the machine. I think that if no one sends an order while I am restarting it is sweet but I cannot always guarantee that actually can occur. Any advice would be good but i understand that it might just be a matter of making sure no one sends an order at the time.
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