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  1. I have attached 2 images I took with my phone the first one shows the issue and the second is same image just looking straight on and you cant see problem. It is not the paper problem is present in all rolls. Anyone?
  2. Hopefully I can explain the problem because it does not show on a scanned print. The black areas looks like there is too much ink, if looking on an angel it has a shiny or wet appearance and loss of detail. My nozel check patterns are good and inks are full. I called Noritsu but they do nothing over phone anymore. any help appreciated
  3. I did run some of the problem prints with "Image Quality" on and it does mostly go away. I really hope it is not the print head itself the cost to replace is more them Machine is worth.
  4. Does anyone have the Service Manual for the D1005?
  5. Hello, I have a D1005 that I am getting banding with certain backgrounds mainly yellows, reds and browns. The banding measures 5mm, I have talked to Noritsu Support and they were no help saying it is most likely the printhead advance motor since my test prints are good. They want $600 deposit to send out a tech anyone have any suggestions before I go that way.
  6. When you are not in the network do you have the USB Security Dongle in the computer you are running EZ in?
  7. Anyone have the part #'s for the fuji paper 10" semi gloss 5" semi 6" semi 12" semi I searched but can not come up with them
  8. Ok 1 and1/2 years later and and 250,000 8x10's I am still very happy I replaced my 2901 with a D1005, to be honest I like the prints better and it is a pleasure to work with. I have not had any issues that could not be corrected quickly with out a tech or phone support. But I am sick of paying Noritsu for my supplies, has anyone found a alternative with the same quality but cheaper.
  9. 4x4 print should not be a problem at all for the 701 I own the d1005 and it will do it. I looked at the specs on 701 ant it talks about sorting for 102mm or less so you should be good. 102mm is 4 inchs
  10. It sounds like a bad gear, just place a magnet where the top covers magnet would be when closed and you can run it with top cover up.
  11. I purchased the D1005 in February of this year and I am very pleased with the printer. I replaced my Noritsu 2901 with it and have no regrets. At the time I do not think the Fuji was out yet or I had missed it some how but I think I would still get the D1005 for the speed and that I have 3 paper sizes loaded at 1 time 5", 6", and 10". At this point I have run about 22,000 prints 98% of them 8x10 sheets and have not had a single issue. I run every thing on standard quality and all my clients are very pleased with the quality. Best of luck with your decision if you have any specific questions
  12. Yes Noritsu paper with Fuji watermark not to many options I guess....
  13. Well I traded in my 2901 for a new D1005 dry printer, today was my first full day of printing and I am very happy at the moment. My question is what are my choices if any for paper and ink besides Noritsu. Thanks, Chris
  14. I do have it set to share file and printing. Express digital sees my printer in the printer setup section, even tells me what paper mags are loaded and how much paper is left. On the 2901 in NET ORDER where do I tell it to look for the orders? Thanks
  15. Hello, I installed express digital on my work station was able to locate and setup printer in software but when I go to print is says no printer found. I see that express digital creates a "x: drive" when on but there is no way to share it so I can direct net order to it.
  16. Spacers are correct, I had talked to the tech about the cable he said he was positive it was not the cable? The red dotted line is exactly what it was before the install of the new image processing pcb. The tech who was here yesterday was a nice and knowledgeable guy but left without fixing problem and had no idea how to proceed. Tech support in California also has no idea how to proceed. I am sitting here with a 2,000 lbs piece of junk...........
  17. HELP ......... Tech was here today for 6 hours replaced data output pcb and image correction pcb still red dotted line. They can not fix my problem or even figure out what is causing but they still take my money. I am in need of help
  18. Hello, I replaced my Image processing PCB with a new style board I was still having issues with short red and green lines and also a red dotted line that started 2 months ago. After talking with Noritsu tech I was sent the fan modification for the panel that covers the image processing PCB this took care of the red and green short line but I still have the red dotted line on some images. On my 12 inch paper the line will run the length of advanced paper on my 4 inch it will run along the width of the paper. I have no alarms... Thank you for the help
  19. It is most likely over heating of Image processing pcb or beginnings of failure check the fans are functioning on left side.
  20. Sorry for the delay in getting back still have problem on certain prints. I swaped the 2 identical memories no help. I am getting it on hard drive output also. I do not run negatives at all scanner has been down for a couple year I use a Pakon. Any suggestion on things to try before I purchase a new Image processing PCB.
  21. Dave from what I see in the service manual the memory pcb (J390504) Saves image data which are transferred from the scanner . I do not think it can be swapped with Memory PCB (composite memory) (J390548 ) they physically look different not just the part #. Any other ideas Dave I know you are very knowledgeable with these printers half the time I have a problem I can do a search and find a good answer and you are right there. thanks
  22. I personally think it is the ram but unfortunately it is near impossible to find anyone with the composite memory ram. Noritsu is out of there minds claim they can get it from Japan for $3,000, AAA Imaging thought they had it and was going to sell it to me for $700 but they have the other ram for the scanned images anyone have any ideas on testing to confirm actual problem before throwing $3000 dollar parts at it that might not fix it
  23. I do not run film at all only digital prints the d-ice only comes in to play when running negs or so I thought
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