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  1. Yes, there are 2 or 3 fans on the front door (I don't remember exactly how many). They are extremely important for cooling laboratory electronics (power supplies, etc.). Please check them.
  2. As I wrote above - check everything concerning paper movement during exposure. Laser unit does not move the laser beam along the paper. Lab moves the paper using stepping motors, belts, etc. So dig there... Or call out the service engineer and pay him!
  3. And what does the supplier says about the issue? Don't they have a service manual? First of all you should ask them for support.
  4. Something stops the paper during exposure if the line is across the paper movement. Check paper advance unit for a faulty rollers and belts.
  5. There is a heater inside a tank. The heater controlled by a solid-state relay SSR. Check it. Contact me if you need a wiring diagrams.
  6. Yes, the lifespan of replicas from China is unclear. They can copy the appearance of the product, but the inner content is of poor quality. Used original AOM driver taken from old Fr330/340 may work longer than new one from China. You can obtain used original AOM drivers on ebay.com, from us or the other forum members.
  7. Yes, these two thin lines can be seen if: - the dirt is on the path of a laser beam ( in your case the lines are sharp it means the obstacles are far from the laser) - the crystals of dried chemicals on the crossovers' or racks' rollers As it was mentioned above by other forum members - clean the protective glass below laser unit (inspect the surface with a torch-lite) and inspect the rollers for crystals of old chemistry.
  8. There are lots of different models of qss33 series exist and all software are different as well. Please specify the model. You can find it looking at the body shield with serial. After that you can find software on our website
  9. yustas


    Please send us the screenshots of: B laser data G laser data R laser data Laser Exposure Check And everything will be clear.
  10. Пишите пожалуйста по-английски. Или мы вам будем отвечать на своем родном языке тоже. Почему это только у испаноязычных членов форума, я понять не могу... Вы реально думаете, что все в мире обязаны знать испанский язык?
  11. yustas


  12. The suffix 0003 reports about the problem with a blue channel of the lab. First you should pay attention to the condition of AOM driver of the blue channel. You can swap it with any next AOM driver because they are interchangeable. If the swapping will not solve the problem you should check a blue laser module. I will inform you how to check the condition of it after results of swapping. All these procedures I have described on my website before.
  13. I have already described the steps of elimination of the issue with not-white paper on my website. Please read here (just ignore that it is for Noritsu - the solution is the same) https://minilablaser.com/troubleshooting/noritsu/ or here: https://minilablaser.com/troubleshooting/fujifilm-2/ Hope it will help.
  14. To have a Fujifilm Frontier as a standalone unit without a control over scanner is possible by using (for example) MS01 Basic software. You need to have the certain hardware also for it. Please read more here: https://www.minilablaser.com/products/fmpc/
  15. You need to use EPROM with English version of system program.
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