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  1. it is not a critical importance error code. Just informs you that it is time to replace the dust filter of a laser unit. There is a part number for this filter exists so you should purchase and replace it.
  2. Странно, но я заметил, что только испаноговорящие участники этого форума всегда по умолчанию пишут свои вопросы по-испански. Они реально думают, что его должны знать все люди планеты? Здесь тысячи других участников форума, которые имеют свои языки, но все общаются по-английски, эти же упорно пишут по-испански. Или это просто неуважение ко всем остальным, кто должен открывать онлайн переводчик и пытаться понять, что им надо? Удивительные люди.
  3. Yes, I also think so. It is seems it is not an original one because: - the original Shimadzu heads have smaller fixing bolts on the top. - the brand new modules from Shimadzu have NO stickers with a bar code on the top. This sticker is supposed to be added by the person who assembled it into the laser unit. - the brand new modules from Shimadzu have an Inspection and test result document where you can see all release tests data. Here is the top view for the Shimadzu blue laser module HK9356-01. Just compare. https://yadi.sk/i/2S6ZMTsYSeSdkw As a resume: it is a very
  4. Send the photo from the connector please...
  5. Shimadzu discontinued a production of the laser modules for minilabs in Nov.2020. This information I received from Japan from Shimadzu guy. And they do not have any plans to begin it. So the desire of your client to step on a rake is simply inexplicable.
  6. Last news!
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    1. yustas


      Please note that the image above is just for your reference to understand how your corporate t-shirt may look. Please use your own images for your design.
      Noritsu is a registered trademark of Noritsu Koki Ltd.

  7. They have similar reliability, but Shimadzu has better performance. Just remember that both of these laser modules are DPSS modules. They have a rather complex design and a little moody.
  8. If you would install now J391160 back with a Shimadzu HK9356 laser module- you would see a changed laser type.
  9. Please see this explanation: https://yadi.sk/i/KhynHyOojgcAVg
  10. Hi, You have H the first letter. According to Noritsu guide it shows the G laser driver type: • H: G laser driver (J391231) • I: G laser driver (J391160) You have H. So your laser unit now is B1.
  11. As you may know we produce lasers for minilabs but some of our old-fashioned customers prefer to have only original Shimadzu laser modules so we had to purchase it from Shimadzu and resell it to them. But three months ago Shimadzu declared that they stopped a production of the modules for minilabs due to some reasons. I think you will not be able to buy the original Shimadzu modules now. May be old stock only... JUST FYI.
  12. China-made laser modules use their own laser drivers and I doubt that they can be used with J390929 laser drivers. So it means you use the original Showa laser module if you have R54. Right?
  13. Strange that you you tried to make measurement on R55. If you have type B1 laser module (Showa) - there is a laser driver p.n. J390929 & J390231 and it has R54 resister. If you have type A1 laser module (Shimadzu) - there is a laser driver p.n. J391160 and it has R113 resister. I think you received wrong information from someone who advised you use R55. Here the photo of the J390929 laser driver with R54. Use this resister. https://yadi.sk/i/4lB_Td717yxsWg
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