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  1. Yes, it is a Russian language. We also have some strange people who do not respect the other forum members and do not use English on international forum. Before I met only Spanish writing forum members who thought that everyone must know Spanish and now we have this one. It seems it is very difficult for them to use Google translate.
  2. yes, exactly! the cause was not subscan unit but grounding. I thought you read the information about it on my website before writing the first message here and advised the other causes. I am glad that you found the culprit behind the issue anyway
  3. I strongly recommend asking help of the certified by Noritsu service engineer for installation of this lab. QSS3904 is the latest model of Noritsu and it is VERY strange that the seller did not offer the installation service for you. If you ignore my piece of advice you will lose much more in the end.
  4. Please contact me via e-mail: by e-mail or PM.
  5. If you found the binding on test files it is good. I think you should inspect all belts in paper advance unit for damage. Sometimes they can be culprits of the banding. Next: Swap AOM driver green and blue channels or even replace green AOM driver with another one and make test. If to suppose that this banding is a pulsation - AOM driver is the first in the list before laser module. Also, send us the printscreens of: G Laser data, B laser data, R Laser data and Laser Exposure check. We need to exclude the lasers from the list of suspicious parts first.
  6. yustas


    It seems your power supply unit is faulty. Check it first for incoming and outgoing voltages.
  7. If to order from Noritsu (Japan Wakayama) it may take 1.5 -2 months because they collect orders for manufacturer who starts the conveyer line for the boards only if they have the certain number of boards to make. We always have such boards (but not for 1000) for sale.
  8. You have a VERY OLD version with so many bugs and very weak in features. The latest version is 7.20 and you can use it on all Windows versions (incl.Win10 x64) so I recommend purchasing the software with a dongle on ebay.com or from any reseller. By the way: I do not recommend purchasing of the EZC from China because they sell v.6.6 (CD with a dongle) and if you will try to upgrade it in the future to any newer version - it will not work. The dongle from Chinese kit is a fake replica and just have some key-code to run only that version. The original dongle can be used on ANY versi
  9. All test images are stored in the lab's memory, so if you don't have banding on your test prints, it means that the cause of the problem is outside the lab and you should work with all peripheral equipment. Also check the Firewire cable for damage.
  10. I recommend getting a complete set of manuals for your lab, including a parts list and a service manual. It's a bit odd to use an expensive lab with no documentation.
  11. On Aliexpress they sell replicas made in China. If Chinese rollers are expensive for you, don't even ask for price for genuine ones from Japan.
  12. What do you need exactly? A part number for the roller? The guide how to replace or what?
  13. @virgilio 7u7 I don't understand your permanent copy of my advice on many topics and describing the same, but in other words ... What's your goal? Do you really think that my writing is too difficult to understand? You are the weirdest commentator I've met before ...
  14. Please ask your provider who sold that laser module to you. It will be fair.
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