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  1. I apologize for delay with response, was driving a car. Yes, your laser is in a good condition and I want to join to the opinion of Brohymn
  2. Better place here a screenshot of Blue laser Data and Laser Exposure check. And everyhting will be clear.
  3. I recommended you pay attention to the laser module because I thought you have swapped all three AOM drivers and have no results. If you fail to get any result after swapping of the far and medium AOM drivers you will need to check the condition of the module. Please report the result of swapping.
  4. You have a clearly visible magenta over the test. it is seems a green laser module is out of order and should be replaced. Please contact me if you need a high quality module and replacement by our Italian regional service engineer.
  5. No, sorry. Using a Google search engine you can find your nearest local dealer by yourself.
  6. You should ask Noritsu directly if you have a dongle. They will provide you with it as upgrade. It is about 200 USD.
  7. AOM Driver has no attitude to the laser module functionality. I think you need to check the power supply 5V from a laser driver first. Also if input voltage is approx.5 V a laser module may be faulty. To verify that you need a person who knows how to use a multimeter.
  8. Remember one thing: The AOM driver breaks suddenly. The laser module dies slowly. In your case, if it suddenly failed, the AOM driver is dead.
  9. Where the line is? All depends on the paper movement direction...
  10. You can use any pump that matches the voltage and inlet/outlet hose diameters. Unfortunately, that was years ago, and I don't have pump specifications nearby. But, I hope you can still buy such a pump because I hope it is still used on many other types of equipment. As I recall, it had a 115V voltage and a capacity of 10 lpm. The brand name was Seisun. Just look at the nameplate on the original FP232 pump to see the voltage. My company has used to import a lot of lab equipment from Japan over the years, and we always removed the original snail pump and replaced it with 5 or 6 Seisun pumps.
  11. I recommend you a fully replacement of the big one pump into separated pumps. it is not difficult. use the pumps like this one: see the pic
  12. Do you mean cartridge chemicals for use in a conventional lab?
  13. yustas

    Fuji 350

    There are two possible causes for the problem: 1 - Noise in the power supply. 2- Power supplies clogged with dust.
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