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  1. hi sir

    long time. please how much do you sell MS01R version 10 and msp for epson 7890


    1. yustas


      Please send your inquiry to info@minilablaser.com

  2. I have already described the causes of such issues here. Please read there about the yellowish hue on the prints (see the middle of the webpage). I hope it will help you.
  3. If you have a weak signal from the green module, you can improve it briefly with a new AOM driver, but either way, the new AOM driver will die and you will have the same problem again. I think you have a problem with the green module, but it's hard to judge that without the G Laser data.
  4. Yes, I thought he intended to convert 3101 to 3701. English is not my first language, so such mishaps happen. I apologize for that.
  5. It is not possible to upgrade 3101 to 3701HD. Do not waste your time.
  6. The AOM drivers are the same for all Noritsu minilabs. The laser units are all different (type A/A1/B/B/fF) and have different types of laser modules: A and B (qss30-31 series), A1 and B1 (qss32-38 series). The fF type laser unit has an A1 type blue module and a B1 type green module. All qss30-37 have been discontinued and are no longer supported by Noritsu. I don't know exactly about the qss37 series, but it seems that Noritsu has also discontinued support for this series. The last series of photo labs that Noritsu made was the qss39. Some spare parts are still in stock in Japan, and you can also buy them on the used minilab market or buy new ones in China.
  7. 3202 Pro:can be upgraded to 3204 if to buy a capacity booster and long racks. Noritsu reliability. Contra: blue and green lasers are not reliable and may require replacing. 550 Pro: Can also print 30x60 if to upgrade with L1 software. The perfect quality of prints especially human skin tones. Very reliable lasers. Easy laser condition control interface. Contra: Slow.
  8. Please send your inquiry to info@minilablaser.com We offer such a service.
  9. Many years ago we had the same problem with qss2901 - the image processing PCB was defective. Check this element first.
  10. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade your model. Fujifilm developed L1 software to print 60cm pictures for LP5500/5700 series only. We offer it to our clients to help them offer more service options to the clients who make photobooks etc. The kit consists of a CD and a USB license key.
  11. yustas

    T15 manuals

    Please read PM
  12. Почему вы пишете на своем родном языке на международном форуме? Я рекомендую использовать онлайн-переводчики типа Google translate или Deepl.com, чтобы выразить ваши мысли и просьбы на английском языке который является международным языком делового общения. Это просто неуважение ко всем участникам форума. Что будет, если все начнут тут использовать свой родной язык?
  13. yustas


    Pease read here. I wrote it long time ago. Hope it will help you.
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