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  1. It will be easier for all of us to help to localze the cause of the issue if you will let us know the direction of paper movement.
  2. Yes, you have the right board for conversion. No need any other parts. You should use USB 2.0.
  3. It was so many years ago when I changed the battery. I don’t remember the whole process in details, but I remember that we soldered (it was a battery from a home wireless phone) first to the battery’s native legs/contacts so that the processor settings would not go astray.
  4. First of all, check the AOM driver. There is only one AOM driver in your lab, so if you replace it and there are no errors, the problem is solved. If no change - you will have to replace your green module because your green module has failed. We can help you. This is our business. Just contact me.
  5. Please specify what do you have in details. In one sentence you write about yellow shift. In another you mentioned yellow cast. It is not the same. Please send the scanned image and we will look at it to make a recommendation.
  6. It's not really necessary to submit any prints to see if you have a yellow shift. This problem means that your blue laser module is defective and needs to be replaced with a new or refurbished one. We can help to have your problem solved...
  7. yustas


    You need to purchase a special custom-made software and hardware kit. It is not official development of it by Fujifilm as far as i remember and one French company did it. See how it looks like:
  8. The topic of this thread is "QSS3101 PRO Software". You do not need to post your information here. If you need help, you should open a new thread about your qss35 problem. And I already wrote to you about one of the recommended solutions during our WhatsApp conversation.
  9. yustas

    6901-8 hatasy

    Вы находитесь на международном форуме. Если вы хотите получить помощь, вам лучше использовать английский язык, принятый как язык межнационального общения в сети Интернет. Иначе вам будут отвечать каждый пользователь на своем языке, что я сейчас и делаю. Если вы не знаете английского языка, рекомендую вам использовать переводчик Гугл
  10. yustas

    PiezoFlush w/ DX100?

    I recommend you using a service software first before sending of the printer to Fujifilm. It gives you a lot of possibilities to maintain the printer such as printer head counter reset, cleaning of the nozzles etc.
  11. Everything is supposed to be doen from Service menu in Output check. I strongly recommend inviting the person who knows how to use the scanner in that mode and pay him a bit otherwise you can delete all settings by wrong actions there.
  12. EZ Controller is not mandatory software, it is just an option. You can use hs1800 without EZC. Just not so convenient. Better to use EZC of the last version, of course... Any original dongle will work with it, even if was used first with v.5.00.11
  13. We have been selling scanners for many years and first of all you need to check a condition of a zoom unit and then check how focus works in different modes using 135 and 120 film carriers. After that inspect the scanned image for stripes with D-Ice turned off. Rollers must be new in film carriers and make no scratches on the films. The surface of a film transport are must be smooth, almost polished. Fans in the backside must be replaced with new ones.
  14. You have been asked to follow steps to ensure that the poor condition of the solutions does not affect the quality of your photo printing. Please follow the advice. My recommendation given earlier was for a laboratory with 100% good chemistry.
  15. If this problem suddenly occurs with your prints, it means that the AOM driver has a failure. Please change the middle one to the next one and make a test print. Don't forget to tag the drivers so you don't mix them up in the future. If the color has changed, the AOM driver is faulty. If there are no changes, it's time to check the laser module.
  16. yustas

    fuji dx100

    Yes, v.1.6 & v.1.7 are available
  17. How can you have a problem if you even do not have such software? To use such software on your lab it is not enough to have just software itself. You need an expensive hardware also.
  18. Read here. I recommend you obtaining of the full set of manuals for your lab.
  19. For QSS3412SA only system software v.5. for LP2500+PP1229SC exists. I haven't heard about newer version...
  20. You will need to do some modification works or motors and sensors in exposure section will generate errors. Please listen to baya933.
  21. As far as I remember QSS3412SA has CS-1 (Control Station) and LP2500 + PP1229SC. Do you have a connector P214 on J391254-01 PCB?
  22. What version of PRO did you use to try?
  23. Such system software has a name "PRO" and is available at the moment.
  24. Oh.. Understood. It is OK. They should perform a test run and scanning before dispatch it to you. It is better to ask them to send you a video how it works on HS1800 so then no risk.
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