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  1. Interested in such software for win7/win as I have the Xp version but its now out of use , would appreciate a reasonable working quote. Thanks
  2. I had qss kids running on xp with qss 32 without fail , I presume it should run smoothly with 3302 and xp
  3. these are faults that all inkjet owners will experience no matter Epson, Fuji etc, there are no equipment that does not fail, the problem is no problem once solved.
  4. Thanks , just for info replaced TRX111 connector yesterday and up to now its working, meanwhile thanks for the response
  5. tried and cleaned connectors 518/517 223/224 222/221 54/53 76/75 stiil no luck cables seem ok, any sugesstion .Last 3 days was taking a long time to respond and today it occurred at startup ? appreciate Thanks
  6. its an intersting link, is it possible to download ?
  7. once on an Italian Magazine I had read that the EU licence will be like a Pass for the EU , in other words it was intended that even the Photos would be taken by either the Police dept or the Passport office or like, in other words another stake of flesh taken away from the photo market.. I hope and wish that I am wrong.
  8. I think its low chemistry utilization , either replace part of the Tank dev .
  9. I think that DRY is the future to stay !
  10. If the 3011 have got arcnet /fiber optic cables , then i would check those throughly, !
  11. To correct and amend just noticed that when i made the arcnet test i was listing the 32xx not the 32xxsd i redone the arcnet test closing Noritsu programm and got the screen test attached . I have tried to blow away the dust from the sockets of the arcnet, but i did not trim any cables as stated above , is there a way to clean the fiber tip. arcnetm.bmp
  12. Follow up, Initializing takes approx 4 minutes, While Printing 50 prints . I got arcnet error 6901-0201 , stopping the alarm got a second error 6901-0201, stopping the alarm got the third error 6074-0008 B Laser . any ideas ?? Thanks Arcnet cables seem clean unfortunately i have not got a arcnet cable cutter.
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