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  1. Lex

    Kiosk Software.

    Hi, What are the Kiosk Software that you have for Fuji?? Are they ET Software 1.5 or TS SOftware 2.1!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lex

    Kiosk Software.

    Hi, I've already tried the Xkiosk Software there are some points that did not fit my needs. For Example i can't make ID Photos.. Do you have any other idea??
  3. Lex

    Kiosk Software.

    Hi all, Can someone advise or provide me with a Kiosk Software. I must be able to have greetings & templates & calendars 2008/09 and also i must be able to make ID's. Thanks.... Alex.
  4. Hi all, I would like to know how does the FE System/Configuration works?? Does it uses Windows 2k or Windows Xp..?? Does it uses C4/C5..??
  5. Hi Guys, Hope you are all well. I'm having a problem with a DPC4. I was using the DPC Software 1.5 version that was quite easy to use and one advantage of this software is that i was able to configue Passport Photo too. Unfortunately the License Key is not available anymore cause the 1.5 Version is no longer available. I was introduced to the New TS 2.1 Version very graphical. The problem i'm facing is: I've got an ASK 2000 printer attached to it but i can't configure "Passport Layout" to do passport prints.. How can i solve out this problem??????
  6. Lex

    help Frontier 350

    Hi, One little thing... Can this be a problem in the Power Supply Section.....??? One voltage (-12V) missing!!!!!!!!
  7. Lex

    DPC Software..

    Some Kind Of DPC ET_ 10 Software....!!!!!!!!!
  8. Lex

    DPC Software..

    Once again its me, The system on a DPC2 Crash a few days ago.. I've used the OS Recovery Cd's but it restored onty the OS(Windows 2K) but the DPC Fuji Sotware is gone. I've Installed the Software that i've got for the newest DPC but it won't fit.. Can someone help me!!!!!
  9. Hi all, I'm getting a problem at a customers' place... When he load a Memory Card or a DVD in his Frontend to work out the photos, it takes about 6-7 minutes to opened up the whole Memory Card ( 128 pictures in it).. For the DVD also it takes an eternity to opened up.. Although when i'm gonna work to adjust density, colour, etc ...its slow.....WHY?????? I've Format the Pc and Re-install C4-C5 also i've installed an anti-virus. 1Gb of memory the pc itself is working a rapid one Only when i uses the Fuji Imaging that it is slow.. Is it the Pictures itself that are in high resolution?? Koz most photographs are using latest technologies nowadays... Or is it a problem with the system..????
  10. Hi, Another hints with you guys.... Does Fuji Imaging Software works only with Windows 2000/NT?????????? Does it works with Windows Xp??
  11. Hi, I've already check the External File I/O it is 'ON' .. The only solution i guess is to re-install the A1....
  12. No, I don't have any communication error the Frontier gets connection with the server. No icon to retrieve the didgital picture sent From the Server on the frontier.....
  13. [face=Arial][/face] Hi, I've also configured the the output device in the frontend Di admin but still no go. Even i re-start both system 2 (two) icons were still absent... Can you give me the procedures to follow to install and configure the server,please.... thx...
  14. Hi all, Just wanna some clear information, can i connect a Frontier 330 to a Frontend (Server) for digital printing?? Therefore i would not use the system as it is now... i.e: I would perform all the correction on the server and once finished i will launch all my prints as for Frontier 350 Cause my objective is to connect a DPC. The Frontier 330 is using B3\B4, i've tried to un-install the B3\B4 and install the C4\C5 but the icon 'Import from Digital' is absent, where is the error?? I've also tried to re-install the A-1 but it indicates an error like " the drive ......."
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