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  1. if its comes with all the photos, easy to find the issue. Anyway as a preliminary step, try to clean all the racks, rollers and guides and see the difference. Also check with other paper magazine.
  2. Hi, Once mixing has done, have you check processor Input check? how does it looks. all blue or mix of yellow and blue? Best Regards CR.
  3. Dear All, DX100 paper feed adjustment showing too much gap between the blocks. please see the attached file. Generally gaps must be negligible levels. any hack to fix this. ? i dont have scanner for Auto Bi/D adjustments. Thanks and Regards CR.
  4. Hi, Yes. Little bit okay in high Quality mode. But Still lines are able to see. They are visible.
  5. mostly due to windows 10 latest update.
  6. You need service tool to clear the ink leakage error. IES detection flag should be normal.
  7. Dear All, I am facing Horizontal banding with Dx100 prints. sample image is attached. if anyone can shed on light on this issue will be highly appreciated. Nozzles are fine. ( diagnostic cleaning completed Ok message) Cleaned PF motor wheel, Encoder, feed motor Sensor etc... Re installed print head as per installation manual. even changed with another new head. done all the adjustments as per check list. but issue is remains. Thanks and Regards Christina Rose.
  8. Generally DE100 Print head comes along with PE board. Need to replace both. As mentioned up, replacing DE100 print head not so easy like Dx100. Pricing will be different in region wise. Approximately 500- 600 USD will come for PH and PE board. Hope this helps. Christina
  9. Thanks many. Agree with you. Logically it should possible. I will try. Regards, Christina
  10. Hi, Paper Movement absolutely fine bro. Rollers are also in good condition. In fact DE100 design wise will not let the dust inside. but here Banding changing frequently and width of the band is too big and vertical. This was the issue with print head and solved it by replacing it. By the way Thanks for your inputs. Regards Christina
  11. Hi All, I lost Calibration Mask for MFC10 AY Manual carrier while shifting. (For SP3000 scanner). Already Checked with Fuji and They told us, this Part is no more availble. Any other solution availbe for complete the calibration process without Calibration Mask ? or even some want to sell it off also please PM me. Thanks and Regards Christina
  12. Hi Hinanov, Sorry For late reply. Tried whatever availble options including what you Explained.. But nothing could save the Print head. Its mechanical PH failure it seems. Finally PE board as well as Print head has been changed. Issue solved. Thank you very Much for your support Regards, Christina
  13. Dear Hivanov, Thanks for the quick reply. I didnt do the consecutive cleaning for K ink. In fact for me, K nozzle seems to be absolutley normal as per nozzle check. By the way i will give a try what you suggested. Keep you posted. But i tried Power and heavy power from Service mode for all CMYK channels. But Doesnt make any difference. even get more worsen. The one i uploaded after the Heavy power cleaning. Anyway i will check further and update you the prograss. Thanks for your Inputs. Thanks and Regards Christina
  14. Hi, Has anybody facing any image quality issues with DE100 prints regardless size ? I am getting weied patches especially they appearing on vertical just like banding. Please see the attached soft copies. Nozzle check pattern seems to be normal. just cuorious anybody face such issue with DE100. any solution apart from changing head assembly ? Tried BI direction and other head realted adjustments. but no luck. Thanks In adavance. Best Regards Christina.
  15. Hi, You can do it by your self. I mean its not too difficult. But again there is some procedure. Better follow the service manual ( replacing print head) Its adviced to change cap assembly also and thats pretty difficult for a layman. But def you can have a try without changing cap also. Regards
  16. Hi, Did you check Fuji MS01 support Epson D700 printers? Because One of My friend who has D700 and want to use Fujifim MS software. Regards CR
  17. I think its one of the limitation of S2 program. It allows just No conversion option only.
  18. you have to make sure which software is going to be used with machine like FE, MS01 etc...Again need to arrange those softwares. As far as my experience, its not so easy task just like installing MS office. So better check with local engineers those who carry out minilab software installations.
  19. Your MS13 lan spool version should be match with your current MS01 version. So whats your MS01 version ?
  20. Would like to know how did you make copy from original?
  21. I have the installation manual.
  22. Could be laser. I have had the same problem with frontier 550 and found that it was the problem with laser.
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