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  1. Nand Gw

    Sp 3000

    if Press the scanner’s START switch then everything not start (Monitor ,PC Indicator not show) - Check line in OK. - Press hold the scanner’s START switch and Press the PC Toshiba Power button. if everything start OK but it error message E-4xxx show. - Check image processing box malfunctions. -ECC SD-Ram (512x2) -IEEE Card Good luck
  2. Re-Version printer to 6.6 for clear X2101. (Printer Ver.7.6 or 7.7 for FMPC)
  3. Nand Gw

    lines on print

    Check motor M561 and Belt flat
  4. Nand Gw

    lines on photo

    Replace CTL20 (Frontier 350)
  5. -S-alone Sacanner -install A1 (FR390) -select SE maintenance -select Update scanner standalone -select inherit data form FD
  6. Goto mainmenu and connect DI server (FRONTEND) in menu 1.Pre-Ope (I-1595)
  7. Replenisher Modify Guideline for all chemicals solution. this pics modify for Cpac RA-QT
  8. G-SHG Laser leak out be effective Magenta on white area ( light or dark color depend on leakage )
  9. Nand Gw

    Those Laser Heads?

    Problem of Laser 1. Dust on mirror optics surface inside laser unit because laser up light beam density R,G,B to gray scale. 2. Densitometer measurement " NG " cause laser up light beam density R,G,B to LUT and use the light beam density peak level (Max Power) all the time. 3. Chemical 4. Filter 5. Room temperature proper Cool < 23-25 > hot. Because laser warming up before beam
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