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  1. Most of the time is comes from power problem on the LDD20 PCB. While the error comes just open the magazine door and close it and it will disappeared I think. This is the first step. You should check +12V and -12V on LDD20 PCB, if it varies +/-.2V, the message can appear.
  2. sisir

    Water in the tank

    Should check seperator blades between PS1-PS2-PS3-PS4 partition carefully. If it is damaged change it, or change water when you are loosing quality.
  3. Can you describe it in English please?
  4. Can you upload the upkeep photo here please?
  5. Is it showing startup on the display? If so, wait for about 30 minutes, sometimes it takes about 30minutes to transfer data to CTP20 pcb during startup period. Also check the 5.0V carefully on CTL20 pcb if it is less than 4.6V
  6. sisir


    Check ROM Version first, It should be Ver.2.0
  7. Can I use CS-CM1000P or CS-CM1000N instead of CS-CM1000S inside Colorimeter unit?
  8. sisir

    L1 installation

    Do you have L1 Software?
  9. If there is no other message together it, It may be GEP23 PCB Faulty
  10. sisir


    You should mention Machine model number
  11. Image controll box and software on FMPC or Scanner version mismatch. Reinstall the system software again.
  12. GDM23 Pcb (RAM inside image processing box) faulty. Replace it.
  13. sisir

    CTL20 Upgrade

    Softwate is already updated, only ROM should be upgraded to ver 2.0 But, if you install FMPC new installation mode, no need to upgrade ROM this moment. Just bypass by selecting cancell while it give message requiring Floppy Disk during installation.
  14. It can be used with Fuji 550/570.
  15. No. From my experiment I found RA4 Process chemical of FUJI is going damage within 3/4 days on above 40 degree temperature. Sorry for my bad english.
  16. Dear Sir, Can you repair R-Laser module for E-2520/2523 errors? How long you take and what your service charge can you offer me details in inbox?
  17. Thank you sir, I did not find any abnormal situation there. It is very difficult to make cross check it with another laser for me. I am waiting for suppliers response about it, the already informed my client that there may be a harness (which is from R-LD to LDD23 PCB) may faulty, Is it possible actually? I am confused, I think the laser gun is faulty. Thank you again and waiting for your opinion.
  18. Dear Sir, If I remove SOS signal, is there any other alignment to make it perfect? is there any possibility to reflect or leak red laser beam, which may in AOM crystal misalignment? Thank you and waiting for your further suggestion.
  19. When block red beam during exposure, paper is white. Is this from misalignment or the laser is faulty?
  20. After replacing R-Laser on a Frontier 570 minilab. Whole page light cyan overprint is appearing. Anybody can help, what is going wrong? The CD chemical is ok.
  21. sisir

    Rom Mode

    How to access ROM Mode in Frontier 550. I can access It in Frontier 370
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