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  1. A few weeks ago our 1550 stopped working, the paper drives stopped and that was that! I can't load or cut paper. The tank heaters, print drier and print lamp all work. Any ideas (it stopped after the morning startup when it printed 4 and 5'' calibration prints) I don't want to spend anything on it as we mainly use dry printers now. If I can get it going then it makes a good back up. If I can't get it to run I'll scrap it or let it go for spares- don't want anything for it as I'll keep the pc, scanner and screen!
  2. Just to add- I've been using e-bay hair curlers for some years now. Cheap as chips, easy to replace and they last for ages- some have been in use for nearly 5 years now. Repairs or replacements take minutes at virtually no cost.
  3. sorry- bit late in replying- found a spare fuse in my spares kit- problem fixed. Bought a few more just in case! Thanks all for your input.
  4. Thanks for that- A very helpful forum member phoned me and told me to check the print lamp suse at the back of the machine (didn't know there was one!) It had blown- quickly replaced and we were up and running! I don't have any spare thermal fuses (used the last one a couple of years ago) Anyone know the correct spec!
  5. I got the red warning that the print lamp was burnt out when I got into work today. Replaced it with a fresh lamp- same problem. I checked the fuse to the left of the lamp with an ohm-meter- ok. Checked the voltage at the lamp socket, which was 8v. (too low I'm guessing? Any ideas anyone?
  6. Did anyone watch this? Especially the last feature with Norman Wisdom's son Nick, talking about his Dad? All the 8mm cine digital transfer used in that was done by me. Please consider using me for this work, after all if it's good enough for the BBC...........
  7. Off topic! Start another thread!
  8. I'll give that a try- I was saving the files to disc as tiff files anyway. Will lowering it to 20 be enough?
  9. Thanks for that Pskaro- do you recommend I alter the sharpness settings to reduce the effect- or even turn it off altogether? My settings are the same as yours above.
  10. 1) does it have sharpening software included? I have had a customer complaining that scans to disc I did for him from120 slide film was oversharpened, not aware I had used any sharpening. 2) the connector block where the lamp cable connects has 4 connectors, which are the correct ones to use? Mine uses the connector at each end so 0xx0 if you see what I mean. I seem to be getting through a lot of bulbs, which are fine to use in the printer afterwards, but won't work in the scanner. I use osram 'smooth reflector' bulbs. I've just ordered a new socket and leads in case my original is at fault. thanks Tony
  11. Hi Nash- I get this problem a lot with my DKS1550. I usually add a little magenta which cures it most times. I think that printing on colour photo paper to produce Black and White prints is an act of misplaced faith! Years ago Kodak produced a RA4 paper for B&W (Ektamax) This worked superbly on an analogue minilab, but hopeless on a digital in my experience. Doubt if it's still made. rgds
  12. Thanks for everything, will do. I've got your number saved!
  13. Brain fade on my behalf was the problem I started the DKS before I turned on the scanner, so the scsi connection was not recognised. Alper 76 gave me a heads up as he correctly identified that the scanner was not connecting properly. I turned everything off, then turned on the scanner and then the DKS. Needless to say it worked perfectly! We're so used to hot swapping usb equipment that we forget you can't do that with scsi.
  14. All fixed now thanks with the help of Alper 76 on here. Not only did he sell me a PSU, but when I had trouble getting it to work (see above) he phoned me and talked me through how to do it. Instant success!
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