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  1. Then missing motor power supply. On motor connector J/P767 should be power supply. Between pin1 and pin2 should be 24V. I think you wrote wrong LED status, or something measured incorrectly. Something wrong with processor relay pcb, or application. Check where you have 24V and where have not : 24V on J/P654 ( between pin 1 and pin 6 ) , or between TP2 ( ground ) and TP1 ( 24V ) . LED14 on processor relay pcb should be light. 24V should be between ground and fuse F53 ( on both sides ) 24V should be between ground and J/P648 pin 1 24V should be between ground and J/P648 pin 4 ( when dryer cover interlock switch activated ) . When have this voltage - LED10 is light and relay X8 activated. 24V should be between ground and J/P659 pin 1 24V should be between ground and J/P649 pin 4 ( when processor cover interlock switch activated ) . When have this voltage, relay X8 is on, processor drive is ON ( software output check ) then LED11 should be light and relay X5 activated. If LED11 light and relay X5 activated then should be 24V on J/P658 pin 1. It is connected to motor connector ( J/P767 pin 1 ) . Check all again. Then you can see where 24V disappear. Take QSS3501F PLUS or Fuji LP7100 service manual. There is circuit diagram where can see all connections.
  2. I think LED10 has voltage, but LED is faulty. It is not a problem. LED is just to see relay status. LED11 is light ( relay X5 is ON ) ONLY when LED10 has voltage ( relay X8 is ON ) . Motor connector J/P767 is power supply. Do you have 24V there ( between pin1 and pin2 ) ? If yes then power supply circuit works ( power supply, fuse, interlock switches, X5, X8 and other ) . On motor connector J/P780 are control signals. This connector connected with J/P702 ( connector on processor control pcb ) . It is other board ( pcb with ARCNET ) - not processor relay pcb.
  3. Computer works. Just monitor has not power. Use standard cable and try connect monitor directly to wall socket. Look what you see on monitor. If monitor and computer work, then it is some problem with processor board ( missing CRT relay power from this board ) . Can be : missing power suppliers burned fuse on processor control pcb processor control pcb not working. Check all that and tell what you have and what not.
  4. Do you have 24V power supply on motor M11 connector J/P767 ( between pin1 and pin2 ) ? If not chek do you have it on processor relay pcb connector J/P658 between pin 1 and pin 2. ( output to motor ) . To have 24V there : LED11 on processor relay pcb should be light ( relay X5 powered ) . Processor cover interlock switch LS2 should be activated. LED10 on processor relay pcb should be light ( relay X8 powered ) . Dryer cover interlock switch LS1 should be activated. Fuse F53 on processor relay pcb should be good. 24V should be between ground and fuse ( on both sides ) LED14 on processor relay pcb should be light ( 24V from processor power supply ) . Can see voltage on J/P654 ( between pin 1 and pin 6 ) , or between TP2 ( ground ) and TP1 ( 24V ) . If on motor have power supply then might be missing motor control signals. Controi signals should be from proicessor control pcb ( connector J/P702 ) . Motor + reducer has Noritsu p.n. I123109 . Motor - Orientalmotor Vexta K0462-F5U . Reducer - Orientalmotor D3513-152 . If motor tried to start, but can't rotate might be it is overloaded. Then remove motor and try to run. Can do it with reducer, or without it. First run drive motor. Then you see fault is related with other problem, or not.
  5. Did computer started? Do you see any ligths on it? Try to open CD drive. If computer didn't start then check do you have power supply on computer and on monitor. Try to start computer manually - press power button.
  6. Do not understand what written here. If want to get an answer - write in English.
  7. Fuji 350/370 and Fuji 390 has different system software, so on Fuji 370 could not see Fuji 390. Might be someone upgraded software and accidently used wrong version. Look Fuji menu. What printer and scanner selected there. Here will be tethered printer. Software - A1 installed on scanner computer. Recovery CD will delete everything - Fuji software, Windows, settings. Before recovery make sure, that have Fuji software backup. To boot from CD can use boot change tool floppy. Also to boot from CD can select on BIOS. Might be your CD is bad, or not bootable. Also can be your CD drive is not working and you can't boot from it. Recovery CD will install Windows NT4 and nothing else. All settings, upgrades you need to do manually. When settings finished need install software ( A1 for Fuji 350/370 ) . During instillation need load backup.
  8. Any EZ controller and EZ Lab software can work with dongle, or without it. Just need to know how to do it. EZ Lab is old software. It installed on computer running Windows XP. EZ Lab dongle is different than EZ controller dongle. They look the same, but not exchangable. How EZ Lab connected you can see here : https://pfsny.com/PFSHTML/I/noritsu-37-network.jpg EZ controller can be installed on any Windows - even W11 64 . Using EZ Lab can connect old minbilabs ( QSS28, QSS29, QSS30 QSS31 ) . Of cource there can connect newer minilabs, or dry printers. To EZ controller directly ( without EZ Lab ) can connect QSS3101-1 and newer ( QSS32, QSS33, QSS34, QSS35 ) . To connect them enought to install connection module. Also to EZ controller can connect newer minilabs ( QSS35 PLUS and latter - QSS37, QSS38, QSS39 ) . To connect them enough EZ controller and minilab system software.
  9. If you have software then open manual included on CD. There you see, that supported only D20, MS01 3.1 and MS01 4.2. Software need install only on FMPC.
  10. Do you have long length software? It is the most important. Standard long length software is for MS01 version 3.1 ( XP ) and MS01 version 4.2 ( W7 32 bit ) . Might be long length software could work with version 3.0, but not sure about that ( never tried to install ) .
  11. Which software is on server? W-4127 means A F-DIA function, returned bus or file is abnormal. Check the connection to the imaging iontroller, contents of DB, and file for abnormality. This error can cause loose or poorly connected communication cable, abnormal software for imaging controller, faulty hard disk on imaging controller.
  12. On your server ( DIC ) installed S2 - version 2.0-0E-343. On your FMPC installed S9. As I told before standard long length print software should be installed on FMPC, where used D20, or MS01 ( printer ) versions 3.1 and 4.2 . Can't be used with S9. Might be is possible to modify long length software to work on S9. I modified it perfectly works on many other MS01 versions ( 4.2R, 10.0 and 10.0R ) . MS scanner software perfectly worked with old FDIA server ( C4/C5 ) . Might be S2 server could work with FMPC running MS01 ( 3.1, or 4.2 ) . Make server HD image file. Make FMPC backup ( from FMPC Fuji menu ) . Make FMPC HD image file. Write FMPC computer name, working group name, IP and mask ( netrwork card and firewire network ) . Then to FMPC connect other HD. Then install Windows XP. Computer name - the same as old. Make network settings ( the same as before ) . Prepare computer for FMPC instillation. Install firewire card and set IP and mask. Install MS01 version 3.1 ( during instillation load backup ) . After that look what will be. Might be S2 ( on server ) and MS01 on FMPC could work, but might be that not. If not - can try on FMPC install D20 ( older software ) .Might be S2 server coiuld work with FMPC running D20. The last possibility to modify long length software and force to work on FMPC where installed S9. If all that will not work - need reinstall server and FMPC. Can be : 1. DIC with MS01 ( server option ) and FMPC with MS01 ( printer option ) . Versions on computers can be the same, or different ( 3.1 on XP, 4.2 on W7 32 bit, or 10.0 on W10 64 bit ) . 2. DIC and FMPC on one computer ( MS01 4.2R on W7 32 bit, or MS01 10.0R on W10 64 bit 3. DIC with C4/C5 and FMPC with D20. On both computers - Windows XP. It is possible force to work on W7 32 bit ( not standard instilation and sql need adjust manually ) .
  13. You have FE software on two computers : S2 - software on server. S9 - software on FMPC If you print photos then server and FMPC already installed and connected. Long length software should be installed on FMPC. Software can be installed on FMPC, where installed D20, MS01 version 3.1, or MS01 version 4.2. As I wrote before long length software can't be insrtalled on FMPC, where installed S9 ( FE software ) . Might be it is possible to modify long length software to enable work there.
  14. If on your FMPC istalled S9 ( FE FMPC module ) then it doesn't support long print option. Can downgrade software instralling D20 ( FDIA FMPC module ) , or upgrade to MS01 ( printer option, versions 3.1, or 4.2 ) . Original long length software is for for D20, MS01 version 3.1 ( running on XP ) and MS01 4.2 ( running on W7 32 bit ) . I modified long length software and have versions : for MS01 4.2R ( FMPC and server on one computer, W7 32 bit ) for MS01 10.0 ( FMPC and server on separate computers, W10 64 bit ) for MS01 10.0R ( FMPC and server on one computer, W10 64 bit ) I think it is possible modify software to work on server running FE software ( S9 ) .
  15. Why do you need to flush system? If just want to change some part and see it on service manual then really it is not necessary, Parts can replace without system drain. Of course you might have a little dirty hands, have small ink leakage into paper towels, but it is acceptable. It is better, than to waste ink, which is in the system and buy expensive cartridges. Separate flush utility doesn't exist. All commands are on service software. Write private message and I can expolain how to replace part which you need. With draining, or not you will need service software. It is necessary after replacement to make adjustments.
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