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  1. On your picture relays X11, X12. Leave all connected as they connected now. On diagram see they connected to 230V circuit. The same will be in Australia. As I see on picture your film processor is slightly different. It has only one terminal. Connect there Live, Neutral and Earth. Disconnect wires from breaker output and connect transformer. All circuit connected to U V use 100 V. Also check heater unit connection and dryer connection. They depend on mains voltage ( 200 - 240 V ) . Make sure, that heaters are for 230 V voltage. Check and change, if necessary.
  2. S2 and S3 can use only with minilab. It can work without minilab also, but need to use boards from QSS3301, or QSS32. ( image processing, image correction, digital ice, PCI/ARCNET-LVDS, digital ice control pcb ) . QSS3300 has not these boards. Only S4 and S1-II can be converted to work without minilab and these boards.
  3. Sorry, but can't add anything to my previous post. I think there all explained well. What are your "separate contactors" ? As told before Live and Neutral need connect to Terminal 1 ( contacts R and S ) . Doesn't matter which wire where connected. All other circuit get a.c. through jumpers connected to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Jumpers between Terminals ( Terminal 1 - Terminal 2 ) and jumpers on Terminal 2 should connected as you see on diagram above. Do not need change connections between Terminal 2 and power board. On U and V circuit just need add transformer TR2. How to do it re
  4. Are you really electrician? Asking, because do not understand very simple things. The most of us are not electricians, but understand how to do it. Now wires between terminal 1 and terminal 2 and jumpers on terminal 2 might be connected different. Connect them as you see on my picture, or on service manual ( circuit 1P2W ). Check all that. In Australia 240 V is between Live and Neutral ( Brown and Blue wires ) . Connect them to input ( contacts R and S on Terminal 1 ) . Contact E on terminal 1 should be connected to Earth ( Green wire with yellow stripes ) . Some film processo
  5. Now wire connections on terminal 1 and terminal 2 are different. Connect wires and jumpers as you see on my picture. 240 V ( live and neutral ) need connect to input ( R and S - where written 240 V ) . Yes, transformer input will be connected to the same contacts - just through protective circuit . So input connect to 240 V and 10 V output to U and V.
  6. Here is topic about not working shutter. You have absolutely different problem, so should start new topic. Can you explain, or to show what you mean when say, that have "lateral line"? Where it is - top, bottom, middle, or some other? Is it wide? Now when see your provided information can't say anything.
  7. Why to use so old version ( 2.5.5 - upgrade from version 2.1 ) ? After that for XP where 3.0, 3.1, for W7 32 bit - 4.0, 4.2 and for W10 64 bit - 10.0 .
  8. Nothing need connect to fuse F7. Everything what needed already connected there. I just wrote, where this 100 V will be connected. All you need to change is film processor input circuit. Open circuit diagram, which was uploaded for you. There look at page "power source circuit". Few circuits there. You need "single phase two wires" circuit ( 1P2W ) . Need change only terminal connections ( Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 on circuit. Just connect input circuit as on this picture. Even amateur electrician can do it.
  9. Can be bad paper ( old, slightly yellow ) , dirty chemicals, or yellow fogging inside laser unit ( AOM crystal, bad alignment...) . Try with piece of paper close laser output and print any picture. Paper should go out white. If it is not - bad paper, or chemicals. If paper will be white it is yellow fogging in the laser. Just in case try to change AOM driver. If will not help - need repair laser unit.
  10. On ARCNET test software need to choose correct minilab model ( QSS32 SD ) . Check PCI-LVDS/ Arcnet board driver on device manager. If board is OK there - check power supply on switch control pcb. Check ARCNET connections between computer and switch control pcb. At least you should see this board. Do not connect back printer ARCNET cables until without errors see switch control pcb and scanner.
  11. Stand alone scanner can work on any 32 bit Windows. Here it works on W10 32 bit : https://www.minilabhelp.com/index.php?/forums/topic/25364-dp-1000-workstation-software-on-different-pc/ You will not find driver on Windows update. Licence dongle driver is inside rsystem/drivers/HWKey ( version ) . On computer should be installed Konica software to have it. I have software, update to version 2, drivers and know computer specification, which can be used. On dongle can add new correction options. Write private message, if need something.
  12. First you need locate where is problem - on workstation, or minilab. Close Noritsu software ( close down check, F, quit application ) and from Windows Startup remove QSS shortcut. Then run ARCNET test utility. It is on Noritsu folder ( disk C ) . When minilab disconnected should be errors with all printer boards, but shouldn't be errors with workstation and scanner.
  13. If to connect network and from minilab menu To recognize should be correct server computer name ( the same, as previous ) . To install software HD and CD drive should have correct letters.
  14. Run ARCNET test and look where is problem. Temporary disconnect ARCNET cables, which goes from printer ( to avoid random printer ARCNET noise ) . Then shouldn't be errors with workstation board and scanner. If all OK connect printer and run diagnostic again.
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