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  1. Go to service mode and open scanner sensitivity check menu.
  2. Error 01314-00000 means when the scanner calibration is performed, the degree of light source unevenness exceeds the allowable range. By displaying the display with scanner sensitivity check and checking the chart status, it can be possible to specify occurring causes. Confirm and clean the scanner section. Perform the scanner calibration again. Almost everything can cause this error. When fault is intermittent then really difficult to find what cause it. In most cases dirty LED unit, scratched glass, faulty LED unit, or faulty board on scanner unit.
  3. If installed Ez controller then do not need Twain driver. Twain driver really is the same EZ controller, but running without dongle. The latest Ez controller - 7.41. To have possibility register HS-1800 on EZ controller you need to install HS-1800 system software. The latest version - 7 . Also is recommended install digital masking, red eye and 6 x 12 scanning software. If want can install many other optional modules ( for QSS32 and later ) . If want can help online to install scanner and make necessary settings.
  4. J391473 and J391472 can't get from Noritsu. Long time they out of stock and nobody knows when they return these positions. His board really was not working. When board connected to USB computer didn't see it. He bought other board from me and everything works. He converted his S1-II and now has working LS-1100. Yes, first board seller told nonsense. They told, that J391473 can't be used to convert S1-II. Then told, that J391473 is from LS-600 ( what is not true ) . Also messed S1 ( old Noritsu scanner with USB ) and S1-II ( scanner with ARCNET and LVDS ) . That means seller do not know what sell and where this board can be used.
  5. Do not understand your question. If want to get answer - write in English.
  6. Just on scanner adjustment menu add new print channel and use it. To have the biggest resolution create print channel 305 x 305 mm. When you scan 6x6 resolution will be the lowest. It is because frame is square and CCD is rectangular. Will be used only part or CCD. The biggest resolution will have if to scan 6x8 frame. CCD proportions are the same, so almost whole CCD will be used.
  7. Which film carrier do you have - MFC10AY ( manual film carrier ) , or NC120AY ( automatic film carrier ) ? With film carrier you need masks for exact film format. To scan 6 x 6 you need 6 x 6 mask. To scan 120 films also need other diffusion box.
  8. Instead to replace better check them on input check menu ( when sensor opened and closed ) . Try rotate motors by hand. Test motors from output check menu ( try slightly to hold rollers ) . Look maybe you see anything broken.
  9. Extension 0003 means 0001 + 0002 . You have both errors 6015-0001 and 6015-0002 .
  10. Check voltages on your minilab. Only then you can be sure that have correct voltages. Do you have error only on magazine B ? Might be here is some mechanical problem, or problem with motors ( motor control circuits ) .
  11. 0003 means you have both errors ( 0001 and 0002 ) . Clean sensors and check sensors on input check menu. Try calibrate sensors ( Maintenance → Various Adjustment → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → Paper Sensor Adjustment ) . With multimeter check do you have voltages on power supply outputs, when they connected to your minilab.
  12. No Epson, or Fuji p.n. for this sensor. From Epson ( or Fuji ) can buy only whole CR unit. This error can cause CR unit, or main board. Try to clean sensor. Check all connections ( main board connector CN100 - CR relay board - PW sensor. ) . Look status on input check. Try to make PW sensor adjustment ( service software adjustment menu ) .
  13. Hello. For QSS Green EZ controller not enough. Also need QSS Green system software, and profile data vol.3. Also if needed can install optional modules. If printer RIP computer is not installed, or you use system without it then need install print module. On W10 64 bit can work EZ controller version 6.60 and latter. The latest - 7.41. If your dongle is not original than you need to use only exact version. Please write private message and I can explain how to install everything.
  14. When you have 6901-2000 ARCNET communication error ( PC-Scanner Interface PCB ) that means computer see PC- Laser Interface PCB, but doesn't see PC-Scanner Interface PCB. PC-Scanner Interface PCB is connected not directly, but through PC- Laser Interface PCB . So can be faulty PC-Scanner Interface PCB, or PC- Laser Interface PCB ( part of circuit, which is responsible for communication with PC-Scanner Interface PCB . Check PC-Scanner Interface PCB connections. Make sure, that you have power supply on PC-Scanner Interface PCB. PC- Laser Interface PCB and Scanner interface PCB can test on QSS3300, QSS33xx SD and QSS32xx SD. I think PC-Scanner Interface PCB is faulty and you need replace it. Other possibility - remove PC-Scanner Interface PCB, remove scanner and install PRO software. Then have stand alone printer ( without scanner ) . If need I have J391049 ( PC-Scanner Interface PCB ) . Also can help convert QSS3300 into QSS3300 PRO. Write private message, if need anything.
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