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  1. No information about instillation on service manual. Noritsu has other manual. It is called instillation manual.
  2. If minilab is from factory first need remove transportation brackets. All information can find on QSS39 instillation manual. Then need connect electricity. How to do it depends on area where minilab will be used. If do not correctly can destroy minilab. Read service manual, instillation manual and circuit diagram. To connect and test minilab need install system software ( for QSS3904G should be version 19, or latter ) and profile data ( for QSS3904 should be 4.80, or latter ) . Then need connect printer and register. Might be need to load some data ( depends on exact situation ) . Th
  3. Your minilab has two problems. First is that P1 sensor doesn't detect level in the working tank ( error 5916 ) .. Remove CD filter and through hole try to move sensor float up - down. Look sensor status on input check menu. If moving sensor float you see changes then solution level is too low. Add water to reach correct level. If sensor doesn't work check level changes with multimeter. Also can disconnect sensor and check resistance. When sensor float is on top position you should see short circuit ( about 0 Ohm ) . Error 5912 means that replenishment tanks should be already empty, b
  4. All depends which minilab you have. We do not know it. This error can be on QSS32, QSS34, QSS37, QSS38, QSS39. Can be faulty sensor, motor, some mechanical problem, missing power supply, burned fuse.
  5. You didn't have E-2877 before. After power supply replacement all other errors diapered. E-2877 means LDD circuit board power source L+5V is abnormal. Check A-12V power supply on LDD23 board ( connector LDD4 - pin 2. If have it - LDD23 board is faulty. If have not - something disconnected on power supply board ( PWR23 ), or burned fuse F56 ( 4A ) . Green diode ( PD56 ) beside fuse should be light.
  6. On Noritsu service manuals no internal circuit diagram. There only diagram, how board is connected. Have repair board on component level - using datasheets.
  7. W-2753 means result of concentration measurement is negative. Can be, that PS4 processing solution concentration really is too high, broken PS3 to PS4 partition blade, faulty sensor (FS421) , or faulty DTL circuit board. W-2753 is not error. All messages, which start with W means mismatching of condition. You can continue to print, but if concentration go up you will see error ( E-2753 ) and software will not allow to print. To solve W-2753 can try on working tanks change STB, check STB replenishment, use correct amount of tablets, check circulation and clean sensor. If even after
  8. One piece not enough. Usually need change both bosses ( 2 pieces ) .
  9. Just open print size list. There copy similar print channel and paste on free position. Confirm after that. Open new created channel, rename it ( for example 12 x 19 ) , select paper ( 305 and surface, which you need ) and change paper advance ( length, enter 482.6 mm ) . All other settings are optional. Confirm and you have new channel. WB Width need to enter when you print with borders. If to change Image magnification then image can be smaller than paper ( around picture will be empty ) , or bigger, than paper ( part of picture will not be on paper ) . Exposure Position co
  10. Check power suppliers on CPZ23. Also check connections. If all well - need replace CPZ23. To reinstall all correctly should know how to do it. If miss something - can't use scanner and need to find rare and very expensive jigs to adjust scanner. Write private message and I can help to do all.
  11. E-1774. is not important. Just print channels on scanner mismatch with print channels registered on server. You have not printer, so it is not necessary. Just cancel this error and can to scan. If do not want to see this error - match print channels, but it will not effect scan quality, or something else. All other errors cause not working CPZ23 board. Can be faulty board, on board missing power supply, or bad connections. You can scan, but micromovements will not work. As result you have lower resolution as should be. For example when scanning on highest resolution picture scanned on 8 p
  12. Solenoids ( p.n. W44021 ) are under front part. Look this picture
  13. Error 1495 ( Ink leak error ) is when leakage is from ink supply system. It is gap somewhere, where ink is supplied from cartridge to print head. As result printer see that cartridge is full, but ink end sensor is activated. Only you can see where exactly leakage is in the area, ware leakage goes from. If leakage is between pipes and holder sometimes is enough clean, change rubber seal, tide screws and no leakage after that. If still have leakage, or leakage is where cartridge connected to cartridge holder then need replace cartridge holder. I think better replace both holders. If one fa
  14. Service software has not possibility to solve D1F2 error. Service software can load firmware file into board. D1F2 is bad board firmware. Need to rewrite firmware. It can do : Upgrading system software ( if version has new firmware ) Load firmware file using service software. Write firmware using programmer. I sent you private message. Read it.
  15. Open loading cover, look deeper and you see solenoids. To get better access can remove front plastic.
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