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  1. virgilio 7u7, you are wrong. EZ controller can be used with QSS3101-1 and all latter models ( QSS3202PRO also ) . One week ago installed on QSS3202 and they can print on this minilab from external computer, where used W10 PRO ( 21H1 ) and EZ controller version 7.20. If to use additional computer ( with EZ Lab software ) then can connect QSS28 and all latter.
  2. It was bad idea to post other picture. On this picture is EZ controller. You use Twain driver + Irfanview. First need find out where is problem - on scanner, or software. Start scanner maintenance utility ( LS1100 ) , enter service mode ( press F1 and F9 and on pop up box enter 2260 ) . There go scanner unit adjustments, scanner sensitivity check. Look what you see on this menu. There can see how work R, G, B and IR.
  3. Here is not black - white. On your screenshot see many colors. Go into service mode. Then open scanner maintenance, There go scanner unit adjustments, scanner sensitivity check. Look what you see on this menu. There can see how work R, G, B and IR.
  4. I wrote you private message. Read and respond it.
  5. I have used and repaired board. Konica minilabs are long time discontinued, so impossible to get new boards.
  6. Yes, I mean clean rod and spray it. Also find solenoid mounting position, where rod can move easy. Also check voltage on solenoid control circuit. There can be a little more, than 24 V ( up to 25 V ) , but shouldn't be lower. Solenoid is 24V , 1.5A, 36W. Voltage drop out on control circuit and wires is about 1 V, so real solenoid power will be less. I034254-00 is old part number. It is on QSS32 and QSS34 part lists. The same solenoid used on QSS37, QSS38, QSS39. There it has part number I034289-00 . Price from Noritsu - about 200. The cheapest see at 110 ( on Aliexpress ) .
  7. Yes, 2870H1500A doesn't work. Need to repair, or replace it. Write private message, if want to get repaired board.
  8. Do not need to reset anything. Just replace, slightly adjust position and it should work. Old solenoid ( if it is not burned ) can be cleaned, sprayed and could work again. When mounting solenoid choose correct angle ( where it can move very easy ) . Slightly rotate solenoid, find the best position and fix with screws. Just in case check power supply on TP4 ( processor I/O PCB1 ) . There should be 24 V . This voltage is used on solenoid control circuit.
  9. Yes, I repair them. Have spare board, so can replace working with not working.
  10. E-LP-2539 means laser anti-dust filter is about to its periodic replacing time. Replace the laser filter. Then go to 0552 menu and press Replace. All messages which start with E are critical errors and require action. Can't print, until solve them. Not so important are messages, which start with I ( information message ) and W ( mismatching of condition ) . Before E-LP-2539 you had W-LP-2538 ( anti-dust filter of laser unit is about to its lifetime ) and printer allowed to print. Now reached time, when necessary replace and printer doesn't allow to print.
  11. Part of data stored on scanner board, so only when have backup ( from Fuji menu ) and HD image ( or HD copy ) you can be protected.
  12. If you use all other scanner backup then you loose all other scanner settings. All scanners are different, so better do not it. It would be possible to edit your original backup and add only carrier settings.
  13. If have no data settings then need find engineer, who has SP3000 focus adjustment chart ( Fuji p.n. 899C21562A0 ) . Focus adjustment charts are really expensive. For example here is for sells focus adjustment chart for SP2000 ( older scanner ) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/164108822037 Price - 1250 USD...
  14. To do focus calibration and the optical magnification need this very expensive jig ( few thousands ) , or have data ( to load them ) .
  15. MFC10AY I/O Check - menu 0449. To register light source for this carrier need calibration mask, or just press correct sensors. Focus Position Adjustment - menu 0321 ( need do with all masks, which you have ) . Mask Position Adjustment - menu 0420 ( need do with all masks, which you have ) . MFC10AY Installation Information Setup - menu 0447. Film Carrier ID Setup/Delete - menu 0450. Do not need delete 135 carrier. If you do something wrong you need adjust focus using very expensive jig. Before experiments make scanner backup to disk A. If here will be floppy ( default disk ) th
  16. I can confirm, that EZ controller 7.20 perfectly works on the latest W10. I used the latest official version ( 21H1 ) . Few days ago installed even on 32 bit version.
  17. Calibration mask and 120 masks are absolutely different things. Calibration mask is to calibrate manual film carrier. 120 masks are to scan 120 films. Go to input check and press mask sensors. Then you see which sensors should be pressed, when you see calibration mask. Also can find calibration mask and look on which positions pins press pins. If I remember well calibration mask has only one pin, so on input check easy can find which one exactly. You have error, because now pressed wrong pins and on input check it will be detected not as calibration mask, but AC mask. Remove ma
  18. It fails very often. It is common fault on DX100 and SLV-D700. Can buy everywhere - from Epson, Fuji representatives, re-sellers, online shops, Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon and many other. PUMP CAP ASSY ESL;ASP - Fuji part number FW16G1619765 ( new part number FW16G1671471 ) , or Epson part number 1619765 ( new part number 1671471 ) . Pump cap unit has limit working time. After replacement using service software need reset counter.
  19. Here Fuji forum. Green 2 is Noritsu. On other hand the same print head was used on Fuji DL-450 ( green painted Noritsu D1005 - without HR ) and Fuji DL-42SD ( green painted Noritsu D502 ) . Print head has Noritsu part number Z030077. Previous part numbers were Z028281, Z027893, Z027802 . Printer head is made by Epson for Noritsu. Epson makes these print heads only for Noritsu and doesn't sell them for others. Even Fuji printer parts supplied using Noritsu part number.
  20. Hello. Yes, still repair. Which board doesn't work?
  21. Nesuprantu ką rašai. Jei nori atsakymo - rašyk Angliškai.
  22. Part costs depends on region. I have information that DE100 will cost the same as DX100 print head. Then in our region it would be about 300 . DE100 print head is supplied with interface board. DE100 print head replacement is not so easy as on DX100. Replace could only experienced service engineer, or Fuji service center. Printer head has very high quality. Meanwhile do not know anyone, who had to change print head on DE100. DX100 print head can get cheaper from suppliers, who sell Epson parts. DX100 ( SL-D700/SL-D800 ) print head is very simple ( similar to heads from home printers
  23. Many times saw it. Even EZ controller re-instillation doesn't help. Reset Windows ( choose to remove all software and files ) . Then update Windows to latest build of W10 x64 PRO 21H1. After that install EZ controller and all software, which you need. Load EZ controller backup and all settings should return. Noritsu know about this problem. When installing the latest EZ controller ( version 7.20 ) then on W10 automatic updates are disabled automatically.
  24. Here is fast RA process. For this minilab you need replenishment cartridge. If going daily make many prints then can use cartridge, which you have ( CP-49LR - low replenishment rates ) . Just on processor settings need change replenishment rates. If going to print not very much - better to use CP-49HVII ( CP-49HV , CP-49E ) . Then replenishment rates will be higher. To fill tanks can buy CP-49 start up kits ( for developer and for bleach fix ) . For water need super conditioning tablets. All information : https://www.fujifilm.com/us/en/business/photofinishing/photographic-chemical
  25. Head looks like original. Just one difference - on new and original HK-9356-02 on QSS37 have green top label. Old head was not original? Voltage on resistor really was 7.3 mV ( current 73 mA ) ?
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