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  1. I think you need part number - not serial number. Fuji DL650 HEAD PLATE UNIT,6,ASP - Fuji part number 2141148 ( FW16G2141148 ) . Epson SL-D3000 DR HEAD PLATE UNIT,ASP - Epson part number 2164924 ( older numbers 2144708 and 2203302) Print head units ( Fuji, or Epson ) are very expensive : https://www.unicompparts.com/epson-printer-parts-c29/epson-2164924-head-plate-unit-asp-jpg-p4437 DL650 and SL-D3000 print head unit has 6 double elements. Fuji DL600 print head unit has 5 double elements ( from printhead unit one element removed ) . It is possible to purchase print head elements separately and replace on your print head unit. Just need to find, which elements clogged and replace them. Epson and Fuji do not sell them, but they sold not officially ( on Aliexpress, or Ebay - from China ) .
  2. 07117-00001 means when pressure was applied to the ink cartridge, the pressure sensor did not detect DARK even though a specified time had passed. Check whether the tube between the pressure pump unit and ink cartridge unit leaks air, pressure pump, depressure solenoid, I/O PCB, main control PCB and connections.
  3. RIP computer second is computer, which is beside printer. Usually it is without monitor, keyboard and mouse. RIP computer to EZ controller computer connected using LAN cable. Printer to RIP computer is connected using USB cable. Look where connected printer USB cable. If printer USB connected NOT to computer with EZ controller, but to other computer ( which is beside printer ) then you have RIP computer. If printer USB connected directly to computer with EZ controller then you have not RIP computer. With RIP computers to EZ controller can connect 8 printers. Without RIP computers to EZ controller can connect only one printer. You wrote "2 printers are connected to each own PC and both PC has extra network card" . Do you mean printer using USB connected to own PC ands this PC using network connected to other computer where is EZ controller ? What do you mean " 8.10 EZ can print without dongle" ? EZ controller starts without dongle, or just after startup with dongle software allows to print without it?
  4. USB Redirector works absolutely the same as other USB transfer software. Software can remove dongle from one computer and transfer it into other. Printers connected using RJ45 cable only when have RIP computers. If I understand well his printers do not have RIP computers. Printers using USB connected directly to computers with EZ controller. When printers have RIP computers to one EZ controller can connect 8 printers ( using LAN ) . When printer have not RIP computer then to EZ controller can connect one printer ( using USB ) . He can install two RIP computers and connect two printers to one EZ controller, or buy second dongle and use two EZ controllers.
  5. MSP48 DX100 SOFT V10 64 , version , SAP cord 16571312 - Fuji p.n. 114Y5283316E00
  6. Network card is used to connect RIP computer. If I understand well he has two Green 4 without RIP computers. His printers using USB directly connected to computers with EZ controller. So the best would be to use USB Redirector. USB Redirector can be used, if this software really doesn't remove dongle from first computer. All other software, which I used to share USB ( KernelPro usb over ethernet, FabulaTech USB over Network, VirtualHere ) removed shared USB from original computer. If USB Redirector is different - can use it. On USB Redirector web page see : Please note that shared USB device CAN NOT BE USED LOCALLY, because it is acquired for individual usage by remote USB clients! To make the device available locally again, you need to unshare it. If this information is correct - dongle on first computer will be removed and first computer EZ controller will not see it.
  7. If this software doesn't remove dongle on original computer and allows to use on few computers then can use it. It is the best solution, when you have one dongle and few computers with EZ controller.
  8. To use two or more printers on one EZ controller printers should be connected through RIP computers. USB Redirector is software to transfer USB from one computer into other. USB equipment removed from one computer and will be transferred to other computer. After that dongle will not be first computer, but it will be on second computer. In your case more easy unplug USB dongle from first computer and plug in it into second computer. You will have the same results.
  9. 06015 - paper ( magazine B ) did not rewind. Which extension you have - 00001 , or 00002 ( 06015-00001 , or 06015-00002 ) ? Do you see error, when magazine B is not inserted? Do you have paper rewind error, if the same magazine put into different position?
  10. It is possible to use few EZ controllers with one dongle, but only very old versions ( can work on Windows XP ) . Old versions check dongle only during EZ controller startup. Newer versions has additional security and if dongle removed you see missing dongle error ( when try to print, access menu, etc ) . Any EZ controller can work without dongle. Just need to know how to do it. Even EZ controller 8.10 perfectly works without dongle. If your QSS Green 4 have RIP computers then you connect them to one EZ controller. Then from one computer can print on two printers ( should be different names - for example QSS Green 4-1 and QSS Green 4-2 ) . To one EZ controller can be connected 8 printers. For one customer I connected 4 dry printers. They all worked perfectly and customer used all of them. Of course can work only one operator ( because computer, display, mouse. EZ controller only one ) .
  11. Use MS01 4.2R ( W7 32 bit ) , or MS01 10.0R ( W10 64 bit ) . Should be versions with "R" .
  12. Total mess in your posts. It is impossible understand anything. In one post wrote "NFB2 disconnects automatically also machine is not initialize. No connection between ez controler ( computer) and machine". Second post - "it's been a year ago. We are facing dryer heating problem now". Third post - Today we have printed 400 print and we get 10-12 times laser synchronous error" . NF2 disconnects, machine is not initialize, no connection from EZ controller, heater doesn't work, but somehow made 400 prints and had laser synchronous error. It is impossible. Only if you stop to write nonsense can give advice.
  13. Then something wrong with a.c. enter circuit. Did you test voltages? all three are 200 - 240 V a.c. ? F1, F3, F4 and J/P650 leave disconnected. Also disconnect TA3 wires T1 and T2. Try turn on minilab and look what will be with NFB2 ( it will disconnect itself, or not ) .
  14. For this printer saw firmware 2.5-0X-113 , 2.5-0X-121 , 2.5-0X-133 , 3.0-0X-001 , 3.0-0X-101 .
  15. Use update utility which is on MS01, or L1 software. The latest firmware version - 3.0-0X-101K .
  16. On your print channels selected to print on any printer. That is the reason why you see it. When you have connected only one printer ( LP7500 ) this order will be printed on it. If you connect second printer then order will be printed on any of them ( which printer will be ready and have loaded paper to print it ) . Yes, on your screenshot is menu where on Panda can remove orders. Select error, waiting, done, or all. Then select order and press "Delete" .
  17. Press View. Then select your stuck order and delete it. If MS01 installed with additional security ( default instillation option ) then might be on MS01 need enter support mode ( admin ) . When you have Fuji printer made by Noritsu ( Fuji LP7500 = Noritsu QSS3702F ) it is recommended to use new and modern Noritsu software ( released this year ) . You can install EZ controller ( the latest 8.10 ) , printer system software ( the latest - 19.30 ) , profiles ( the latest - 4.82 ) and optional modules ( there are many of them ) . Software can be installed on any Windows ( W7, W10, W11 ) . If need can help to install it. The latest Fuji printer software - N1 version 4.0 . It is old and outdated ( about 10 years ago ) .
  18. Small correction - Fujifilm DL650 pump cap unit ASP - part number 1567529 ( PW16G1567529 ) . First letter should be P ( not F ) .
  19. If here is QSS3203PRO then you need only one booster - type B. A type booster is only for minilabs with scanners. Install Sentinel protection installer ( version 7.3.0 ) . Install Capacity booster type B software. Look on Windows control panel ( add - remove software ) . When installed you should see them. Then Capacity booster type B will work ( you see it, if go into service mode, go to minilab specification menu and press F ) . If all done, but booster doesn't work then you have some problem with LPT port. Check BIOS and Windows settings for this port. If LPT capacity booster doesn't work then can be installed virtual booster. If will need I have them ( type A, type B and type C ) .
  20. First need to find why NFB2 disconnects. All other need search after that. Have do all step by step. First check input voltages on NFB2 input ( between input contacts ) , NFB3 input ( between input contacts ) and NFB4 input ( between input contacts ) . There should be 200 - 240 V a.c. ( depends where are you from ) . If all three voltages are correct then : Disconnect J/P650 ( level sensors ) . Then relay X1 will not turn on and voltage will not go into minilab. On processor control pcb remove fuses F1, F3 and F4. Then heater control circuit will not get a power. After that turn on minilab. Look NFB2 disconnects, or not.
  21. To delete orders from main window ( where see orders ) - just select and on keyboard press "delete". Stuck orders ( sent to print, but not printed ) can delete on Panda. To delete picture, or order files, which you do not need you can delete them from Windows. Just close MS01 and delete these files ( on D and C ) .
  22. J/P662 on board - all three heaters ( CD, BF and STB ) . Heaters also have individual connectors : J/P762 ( CD heater ) , J/P763 ( BF heater ) and J/P764 ( STB heater ) . J/P765 is connector where connected heater unit. On board - connectors J/P657, J/P659 and J/P660. Do not think, that dryer has current leakage to ground. Disconnect J/P662 ( connector on board ) and try turn on minilab. Look what will be with leakage circuit breaker NFB2 .
  23. Your minilab model is Noritsu QSS3701. Do you mean leakage circuit breaker NFB2 disconnects automatically? First try disconnect all heaters and power on without them. If NFB2 will not disconnect then one heater is faulty. Turn off minilab and connect one heater. Turn on minilab and look what will be. Do the same with other heaters. This way can find which one is faulty.
  24. It is the same print head. FA17000 - old part number and FA17020 is new part number.
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