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  1. Thank you. For now, I am continuing to print as is. Problem is very sporadic.
  2. So I’m getting these odd yellow lines periodically and am unsure what it could. Any suggestions would be great. Running a Noritsu 3313.
  3. Bought different brand of starter and now all is well! Maybe the initial starters I used weren’t good. Who knows. Just glad this headache is over. Thank you
  4. yup, I did exactly this. I put unprocessed paper after dev and sure enough it’s white. Now to refrain and do this whole circus again. I just don’t get it. I already flushed, thoroughly rinsed twice. This will no be the third time.
  5. Ran unprocessed paper through control strip. Yup, it’s yellow. Safe to say it’s chemistry I believe. I’m just unsure as to how or where. I’ve already dumped dev, rinsed out the racks, changed the filter TWICE. I keep getting yellow prints. Same goes for blix and stb. I’ve put brand new chemistry twice through the machine to no avail.
  6. All filters were replaced. All chemical was replaced with brand new chemistry. Racks were cleaned out before adding the chemistry. Starter was added according to to specs. Regarding replenishing rates, it is brand new chemistry. Has yet to have any prints run through to necessitate replenishing. Going to run a rough control strip with just paper today.
  7. Thank you. I’m unsure of how to. I will call tech for support. Thank you so much
  8. Is there a way I can test to be sure. I’ve read of others covering the laser to have output truly show white on exposed prints but I’m unsure of where to cover
  9. Hoping to get some ideas...I recently converted my QSS 3300 from SM to RA4. Everything went great the first day after conversion. Second day, things went south. some background- both Dev and Bleach racks were swapped out to help with the longer processing time needed for RA. All chemistry was dumped and replaced with fuji RA chemistry. Fuji Dev starter added as per instructions. Like I said, all was good first day. Second day, all prints had a yellow tint and prints do seem faint. I have since replaced all chemistry to eliminate possibility of contamination. I have swapped out AOMs. I have initialized paper twice (each time I swapped out AOM). I just cannot seem to find the issue. Prints remain with yellow tint. Any advice would be great. Attached is a scanned emulsion.
  10. Hi all, I'm having a problem with my D703 head cleaner unit. It seems that the unit doesn't know where to stop. I'm getting a head cleaner unit operation error. I can visually see the cleaner unit going down and then making a clacking sound as though it does not know that it should stop. I've checked the sensors in input/output check. When I raise the cleaner to its highest point the home sensor is light. When I clear the error the unit goes down and doesn't stop. Sensor turns dark. Any advice would be great. Thank you.
  11. These are the exact minimal values from the Laser Test before they error out. R 1% G 15% B 47% Colors are good for now so I will record when color goes bad again.
  12. Thank you for clarifying. I wanted to make sure of that. I guess it's time to look for another technician and an AOM. Thank you, Dave.
  13. In his report, Technician indicated that it is not AOM problem but a problem with the B laser because he swapped the B AOM with G AOM and after daily setup ran laser diagnostic which failed with abnormality of B laser syncro @ 40%. Maybe I am not understanding him correctly?
  14. Thank you for your replay Dave S. I am going to read up on that manual you provided and perhaps request a different engineer. I ,too, feel that the problem is not with the laser, but I do not know very much. I need to get an AOM as well.
  15. He did swap the AOM and the "B" faulted at 40% again. "R" and "G" did not error.
  16. I also asked tech what type of laser I have and he said that the 3312 does not have different types of lasers. I had always believe that there were at least a Type A and a Type B. Am I incorrect?
  17. Noritsu Tech was here today with an AOM. He ran Laser Test and 'B' faulted at 40%. He is sure that the laser has gone bad. Can the color shifting problems I am having be laser related? I am not have the most faith in Noritsu as of late.
  18. Well, I think I'd better leave that to a technician. I don't want to end up messing something up as I have no experience removing the AOM.
  19. What I meant to say is that prints will print fine for a few batches an suddenly go very yellow. Or sometimes go very purple.
  20. And, yes, the colors do shift between opposite colors. Shifts between yellow and magenta. Could this be the AOM driver and/or the AOM crystal?
  21. I do think that it is an AOM issue. I have to do at least 3 emulsion number changes before machine can accept values. Even when it accepts values, I do another emulsion number change just because and it will measure with unacceptable and repeat the process.
  22. No, I refilled the starter chemistry myself. As for the replenished tanks, it's sm chemistry so there isn't really a way to mix the chemicals up-the box simply cannot be put in incorrectly. Filters all changed with the start up chemistry. Didn't check pump outputs although I should. The issue/question I am having is why I keep having to do emulsion number change. I just put fresh starter chemistry and have not even printed enough to have the pumps replenish much so emulsion could not have changed because of replenishment or lack thereof. Just driving me crazy having to do emulsion change after every batch I prints doesn't make sense.
  23. I have been having problems with the color of the prints. I keep having to repeat emulsion number change every hour or so. Colors just keep shifting. After I correct colors with emulsion number change, prints come out fine for a while. Few hours later when I go to print again, colors don't look right and I have to do emulsion number change again. Initially, I figured my chemistry was bad so I dumped all the chemistry that was in the machine and put fresh starter chemistry. The problem still occurs. Any ideas?
  24. Thank you so much. Appreciate the info. Going to do it your way Dave
  25. Hi all. Does anyone know the name or catalog number for the starter chemistry for Noritsu QSS 3312SM? Thanks
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