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  1. I need this topic removed now as it contains private info that I don't want public anymore, can someone help me?
  2. FUJIFILM service engineer with 13 years' experience. Looking for a job in the field or similar in UK. Added a cleaner CV. Can anyone help a fellow survive in UK? In London now but I am available immediately to relocate anywhere. Thanks, guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I worked: · in a FUJIFILM network of stores similar to yours for 10 years as service engineer and branch manager. · for a printing equipment importer for 3 years as service engineer and customer support. I installed, configured, calibrated, serviced printers and various advertising production equipment: - large printers - laminators - heat presses - cutter-plotters - CNC routers both mechanical and laser - laser engravers - computers, networking, videosurveillance systems Visiting clients I have seen how they use these equipment to make a profit (services and products) I have empowered the company to compete the national FUJIFILM branch, importing, reselling and installing minilabs and film processors, paper and chemicals. I am an expert in Photoshop and Illustrator: have created Photoshop templates and scripts, video templates to be used especially in the school and wedding activity for the company and its professional clients. · I am a professional photographer (3rd generation) · I am also a Web developer I think I could contribute from the first day to the growth of your business and I would be enthusiastic to do it. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancumpanasu Should you wish to discuss my application and to arrange an interview, please contact me via Phone: 07465047957 Email: adi.cumpanasu@gmail.com Adrian Cumpanasu A_Cumpanasu_CV_FUJIFILM.doc
  3. Hi, I am an experienced: - FUJIFILM equipment service technician with more than 10 years experience in installing, configuring, repairing FUJIFILM minilabs and film processors; - web and desktop programmer - advertising production equipment technician (large printers, CNC routers, pad printers, cutter-plotters, etc) - photographer I am coming to London the 27th this month (march 2016) and would appreciate if anyone could: - host me for a week or two as a friend and for sharing knowledge in London or another main city. Hosting me maybe less just until I visit a few places and choose one; - suggest a job in the field or similar, or a place to start. Thank you very much! My linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancumpanasu CV Adrian Cumpanasu targeted EN detailed.pdf
  4. I work now in large printer selling, also. I have a long background in minilabs so this issue came one day: Why a Fujifilm Frontier, latest model, with only 300 DPI, can beat in quality ink printers that have 1400 DPI or more? Can you explain why an ink printer at 300 DPI would be awful? I am not talking here about Fujifilm Frontier only, but any other minilab.
  5. Someone asks me if it is possible to bring the pictures in RAW format to the lab. So he will not need to process them at home, relying on Fuji's Image Intelligence built in(auto correction). So, is it any way possible to print RAW files?
  6. why don't you Install MS? It is awesome and modern. C4C5 is very rusty for nowadays.
  7. I mean is it more complicated to use this machine you recomend? Is it stable, good quality, etc?
  8. That is a smart combination, indeed. Is it harder to work with it?
  9. Try TESTDISK. It recovered me a card with videos from a wedding that I previously tried to recover with lots of other applications. I thought the grooms willl kill me. So it saved my life.
  10. film is dieing for sure. Many labs have their film processors off because clients with film are very rare. Chemicals are expensive and expire used or unused, so unused the cost is huge. Also the film processors have more problems because of the lack of new chemicals injecting, too much evaporation compensation, crystalization of chemicals on crossovers, in pumps, film scratching on clogged crossovers or detaching from leader, etc. The film I believe will be very expensive, for the nostalgics that have great old cameras, but I believe it will be developed home, with home chemical kits or other inventions.
  11. I believe you use two types of paper in the same magazine. Maybe paper from two different lots.
  12. A technician will replace some boards in the scanner unit. Also, a friend told me this: GLO BOARD PROBLEM IT JUST LOOKS LIKE COLORS ARE SCATTERING SO PLZ CHECK URE GLO ON OTHER MACHINE IT DEFINATELY SOLVE THE PROBLEM
  13. I believe it is from a difficult rotation, also. Maybe the rack cannot rotate easy, so it cannot keep up with the chain and gets pushed up.
  14. racks have some rollers made of a rubber that swells at the edges, so the grip in the middle of the roller is lower. also there are spings that loosen, other rollers that wear off. I believe you can check the tightness pulling a wet paper between suspected rollers.
  15. Hi! I notice that the traffic here and many other websites has dropped. I had a problem with my printer and waited days for an answer. Is this because minilabs have no more problems? Maybe the sun outside takes the people out of the house, to a walk, jogging or barbecues, so no more forum contributions.
  16. I believe people are getting saturated with photography. It is to easy now, doesn't have the old days charm, when you were waiting a few weeks or months to fill the negative and see if the pictures are good. Also, seing the pictures months after the shooting made them more romantic, more melancholic. Today's pictures are too common, too instant, too many. EmotionLess, so people are not motivated anymore to have them printed. When on negative they where forced to print, to see them. Now...
  17. this can be a very nasty problem. It can be from anywhere, from the magazine, exposure section, racks, or dryer. Anyway, it is a transport issue. Most of my problems have been in racks. If prints are glued and mostly wet between, then they overlapped in racks. My oppinion. Anyway, ugly problem.
  18. I found a cheap Nikon 18-200 VR lens that says it has a small scratch. So I searched to find how bad can a sratch be for a photo. Here I found a very badly broke front lens and it is curious that it still takes good photos. Do you have any advice wether a small scratch could get unnoticeable?
  19. we already restored Ghost images. it seams to be a board.
  20. manager

    Dry Minilab ?

    congratulations 8) maybe T-shirt, pillows and mug printing would be a good plus to your bussines. If you haven't already done that.
  21. I reinstalled Ghosted image on the rendering computer and have the same problem, also I noticed that from film everything is OK. Maybe there is a circuti board malfunction in the scanner boards. Can I print without having the scanner connected to printer? What software or hardware di I need?
  22. Hi, I have these lines on prints of a Frontier 350, just like the pictures were corrupted. The problem is that the images are from digital not film. I haven't tried yet from film. The lines are perpendicular to transport direction. Also some pictures are OK and others are totally wrong. I posted three images, the two of them that look better are rare. In general the lines cover the entire picure or aren't at all. Can you tell what is it about? Is it the AOM, the laser, something mecanical or communication, rendering? maybe something heating up?
  23. manager

    Dry Minilab ?

    I believe that the minilab clients are less and less. many minilabs are closing, so I would not buy a wet lab anymore. The investment, the room it takes... A wet lab is also harder to care for. The softwares are old and hard to configure.. Dry lab is the future. And ink printers are now unbelievable good. I sell now wide ecosolvent printers, 1.5 to 3.2 meters and am amazed that they can print almost photo quality. very slow, of course, nobody uses them at full quality. And the costs are less than half a dollar/square meter, compared to how much a poster would cost in a minilab.
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