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  1. Hello Bob

    I have a fp350 that had the same 51 reading on the nq3.

    replaced circut board, yes I found one, and now nq1 is abnormal.? any ideas?

    I have called company that i bought board to see if they have another, maybe bad board? Do I need to let it warmup for a bit before resetting temps?

  2. I thought about that. Unfortunately we use Kodak kiosks, and I can find where the order SHOULD be, but the order doesn't seem to be there. If I do find where the order is stored, will using CT as the input automatically detect the print number for each file, or will it default to one of each?
  3. Just started at a new lab after a move, I'm really used to fuji equipment and have only used a 3501 for a few weeks.......now, I'm working on a 3011.....it seemed to me in net order mode on the 3501, you were able to correct digital files in a screen much like printing from film. It also seemed to me that this screen automatically came up when you hit start in net order mode. My new boss is 100% convinced this is not possible on the 3011, and I can't find a manual other than the pdf within the machine which doesn't make any mention. Help?
  4. there could be MANY reasons why this is happening. The simplest first, are the pictures taken indoors without flash(assuming this only happens with some photos)? To know which chemical could possibly be off in your film processor, you need to be running control strips DAILY at a minimum. It will sound harsh, but if you're not running and plotting control strips, you have no buisness taking in customer work.
  5. maybe this will help you http://pma09.bdmetrics.com/PDT-363261/PTS-Consulting-Service-Group-Inc-/Fuji-Frontier-Silver-Edition.aspx looks like you should get in touch with PTS
  6. p1 in the frontier 340 should be 45 C assuming you're using CP-49E chemistry.
  7. step one, take the temperature of the tank......
  8. This will sound harsh, but if you're not running control strips daily, you have no business touching customer work.
  9. chemistry can change fast, but not that fast...............have you been in contact with fujifilm?
  10. it depends what color the paper is........now all the lab's i've ever worked at used fuji paper, if its blue, its blix in the dev, if its yellow its stale paper, under replenished bleach, or bad stab......only a control strip will tell you.......
  11. stale paper too......but run a controll strip and plot it....that should tell you what's wrong.
  12. very interesting. Just out of curiosity for you guys, how long would you say it takes approximately to make base 16 scans for a roll?
  13. If it were something that needed a tech, yeah, but changing the machine settings from how it was set up by the tech, or adding ram for my little pet project is not going to impress them or get them to come to the store.
  14. Control strips are those wonderful pre exposed pieces of film or paper depending on process that you get from fujifilm to see if everything is within parameter. You SHOULD be running them at the very least every day when you open.
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