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  1. What are the fogged paper values on the ZBE Chromira? Those 3901 fogged values seem a bit low to me. I would expect something like 2.30-2.50 for fogged paper. Are your values in the order of R G B or is it B G R?
  2. It is normal, old film often deteriorates and you end up with cross curve colours. There is a Noritsu option software called Tone curve correction, this will allow you to adjust the curves of each colour, there is also an auto correction button that can often really help.
  3. Ok, Try setting the Graininess suppression to 0 and the Sharpness setting to -3 in DSA.
  4. Are you using EZcontroller (with dongle) or the Twain driver software (without dongle)?
  5. There is no scanning quality difference between the S2, S3 & S4 scanners.
  6. Try loading in your backup data.
  7. Like I said upgrading the PC will increase the speed the images get onto the screen etc, but increasing the RAM on the image processing PCB will not make any difference.
  8. There is no removable PC133 RAM on the 32 series image processing PCB. The board that has the removable RAM is the image correction PCB, and yes you are correct it does use PC133 SO-DIMM, I thought this was DDR RAM I was wrong. However increasing the RAM size will not make any difference to the processing speed of the photos, to increase the image processing speed you would need a faster CPU on the image processing PCB and on the image correction PCB. The printer prints at a fixed speed largely determined by the speed of the paper processor, so no amount of increasing the data processing time is going to make any difference to the actual printing speed. A faster PC though will make a big difference to the speed the images arrive on the screen, and will increase certain image processing tasks, but again it will have no influence on how quickly the printer actually makes the prints.
  9. That is a low rep rate chemistry designed for a high throughput machine. A more suitable CD would be the Tetenal SP-160 which runs at a rate of 160mL/m².
  10. So the average value is CD 56.8 and BF 58.8 Check your replenisher rates (mL/m) are correct for the type of chemistry you are using. Ideally you want to be using a chemistry with a medium to high rep rate for the 3300 as it's a low throughput machine.
  11. Adding more RAM to the image processing PCB will not increase the speed. You are wrong, the 3202 Pro does not use PC133 RAM anywhere. Do as you wish, there is zero benefit using RAM sticks greater than 256MB on the 3001 image processing PCB.
  12. Standard machines have x3 128MB sticks of RAM installed on the image processing PCB. If the machine has the optional 120 film carrier then 2 of the RAM sticks were replaced with 256MB sticks. The PC came with x2 256MB RAM sticks as standard. The image processing PCB is very fussy with RAM not all PC133 RAM will operate normally with it.
  13. It won't cause contamination but it could cause under development. Check the colour of the CD in the rep tank, if it has gone black it means it has oxidized so will need to be drained out and fresh CD mixed. If it is a light brown colour it will probably be OK. I would say the BL, Fix and STB should be OK.
  14. Noritsu never used more than 256MB of PC133 RAM per slot on the image processing PCB, I personally would not go above 256MB
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