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  1. Try Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Various Adjustment → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → Arm Unit 1 Zigzagging Correction Also Exposure Center Correction assuming it's happening on the width of the paper You may want to check the arm is moving up and down smoothly and that the belt pulley bearings are in good condition.
  2. Check the fibre optic connections on the image processing PCB, try connecting directly to the back of the PC rather than going to the hub, there should be some spare ports on the ARCNET PCI card. Check the RAM has been property inserted on the image processing PCB. Make sure all the power cables have been connected.
  3. No, all the QSS-3101 software is compatible with every QSS-3101. The fact it it starting to upgrade and then fails tells me the software is correct, but the fibre optic (ARCNET) communication is poor. If there was a problem with the software it would not attempt to start the upgrade.
  4. I It doesn't normally brick the machine. What can sometimes happen if an upgrade fails it will simply ask you to upgrade just that PCB. The issue you are having is not related to the PC software side of things, it is purely down to the fibre optic network not communicating properly.
  5. The fibre optic communication is poor. Clean/ trim the ends of all the fibre optic cables. It only needs one bad cable to effect the whole network.
  6. The part to clean is called the integrator, it's in section 2611 page 2 in my service manual. It's the part underneath the filter wheel where the fibre optic umbilical cord connects. Hopefully cleaning it will help. In case you didn't see it, you need to follow the below steps in order. Make an all data backup (Maintenance, reading and writing data, service data, Writing All Data (CPU → Media) Clean the MVLA head, clean the connector joint under the filter wheel, clean the dichroic filter unit. Fit a new MLVA lamp, then follow the below steps: 1. Initi
  7. Intermittent communication problems can be difficult to find, all I can suggest is when you are having issues with the fibre optic communication go into to the system version check display and see what is happening. Often trimming the ends of all the fibre optic cables with the fibre optic cutter solves the problem
  8. No it's not normal for the emulsion test to become so yellow. I suspect the RAM's have got mixed up and are not in the correct slot. Check the image correction PCB's have been seated properly, the connectors are quite tight between the 2 image correction PCB's.
  9. Try running the data transfer test. Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Data Transfer Test
  10. As long as it stays on OK and does not change between OK and - it should be good. You have to be careful with the position of those RAM modules, they have to go in exactly the correct location. Position J347 is the Composite memory J390554 Position J446 is the Expansion memory J390552 Position J448 and J449 Memory Units J360681 or Z019452 Position J447 Display Memory PCB J390581
  11. Go to the system version check display and see if the communication is stable or not. If it is not, you will need to clean/ trim the ends of all the fibre optic cables until the communication is stable, then attempt to do the software upgrade again.
  12. Have a look at this post If the machine has been set up with 3 different paper types there will be 3 daily setup's and 3 different sets of uniformity data. If it's happening on all 3 paper types it's unlikely to be a data issue. Most MLVA head failures tend to be wide white lines, rather than what you have. It's worth trying the uniformity pattern 2, 3 4 as you don't have any uniformity correction error messages, there is a good chance it will solve the problem. No LOL, there are still a few 2901's around, though getting less and less now.
  13. Try cleaning the surface of the MLVA head with isopropanol alcohol, possibly there is some dirt on the head blocking it. I'm guessing A & B refer to the top and bottom exposure section of the MLVA head, It looks like the A section is not exposing and the B section is exposing more to try to compensate.
  14. Great news. You're welcome. Maybe try swapping back to the original colorimeter head to see if that makes any difference. I would take test print outside to view in the natural daylight and see what it looks like, in most cases I found the print is actually neutral and it is the shop lighting that gives the print a colour tone. Fuji paper seems to be quite sensitive to the light it is viewed under.
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