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  1. See attached PDF. Note: Only the plastic calibration plates need to be periodically replaced, the new metal ceramic plates do not need to be replaced (unless damaged). 37 Cleaning Calibration Plate.pdf
  2. Thank you kodakman7 for your response, and holding your hand up to it! From my point of view it is pretty irritating when a post never get finalised. It’s also frustrating for anyone else that comes across the post in the future, only to discover there is no outcome or solution on offer. Forums are full of these kind of threads. Another classic is people coming back to say “I fixed it” but don’t say how, why even bother posting that, as the information is useless for the next person reading the post! I personally don’t think it’s a such big ask for people to come back and say thanks, the problem was solved by changing/ doing x We are all busy and have things to do outside of posting on forums!! This forum is a highly useful resource of information when used properly.
  3. The settings you like the most! There is no such thing as the "best DSA settings" it's down to personal preference as to which setting is the best for you and your images.
  4. It seems like there are 2 models of the 31 series QSS-3101 Digital LP-2200 which outputs at 320dpi QSS-3101-1 Digital LP-2600 which outputs at 300dpi It seems like the only hardware difference between the 2 models is the Laser control PCB. J390710 is for the LP-2200 J390986 is for the LP-2600 Possibly the software is also different, but I'm not entirely sure about that. I agree with Minilab service’s advice, change the board and do a software upgrade of that board and see what happens.
  5. You can't change the 120 scan resolution, but you can change the output resolution to 16 base or 4 base to get a smaller output size on 120.
  6. The print doesn't look right, to me it looks like a chemistry issue. Maybe the chemistry is old and out of date, or is for the wrong process, who knows. The only way to check the chemistry is properly correct is to processes and read a paper control strip. https://www.kodak.com/global/plugins/acrobat/en/service/Zmanuals/z130_08.pdf
  7. Have you replaced the BF chemical?
  8. What chemistry are you using? Did you follow the instructions to make tank solution, or did you mix it the same as for replenisher?
  9. Check the 2 cooling fans under the laser unit are not clogged with dust causing them to vibrate.
  10. When you changed the chemistry did you add starter to the CD? It looks like the CD mix is too strong. Possibly the BF may also be bad.
  11. Without seeing what your test print looks like, I can't offer any further advice.
  12. Disconnect all the fibre optic cables except for the pair that go from the PC PCI card to the D-ICE control PCB (ARCNET HUB) make sure that you have communication using the Self Test software. Now plug one pair of fibre optic cables in, run the Self Test software and confirm that you still have good communication on the boards that are connected. Repeat until you find the pair of fibre optic cables that causes the communication to stop. The problem will be with the board that stops the communication. Common causes are weak fibre optic transmitters, the red LED dims with age.
  13. Can you scan the setup print with a flatbed scanner, and upload the photo on here or use a file sharing site (wetransfer etc) and share the link.
  14. You could try changing the setting of the Setup Switch Setup Switch (SP1) When the setup switch is on, the high density section is calculated and Dmax is set to the most appropriate value. When the setup switch is off, setup is performed within the range of the colorimeter specification (Dmax: 2.2 D or less). IMPORTANT • If you change the setting of the setup switch, it is necessary to carry out operations from the initial setup again. • The setup switch is normally left on.
  15. Thanks @Minilab service I missed that. So the software is a pretty late version. Have you tried all the settings Minilab service suggested? I haven't worked on a 37 series for a long time so I can't remember exactly all the different settings that are there. and my manual is old so doesn't show these extra settings that are on the later software versions.
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