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  1. @kodakman7Let us know how you get on.
  2. The issue will most likely be the relay x16 on the power PCB 1 is bad.
  3. Yes, very likly to be a chemistry/ processing issue with the B/W films. Does the transparent part of film look cloudy? If it does it normally means the film has not been fixed properly, replace the fixer and run the film through the fixer and wash again to correct the issue. The dark line could be caused by dust on the lens of the LED light source. Have a look at this post https://www.minilabhelp.com/index.php?/forums/topic/26105-noritsu-ls600/
  4. All the messages on this thread basically translate to "I want the latest version of EZcontroller can you send it to me for free?"
  5. Dave S

    W-1112 #DE100

    Have you tried replacing the yellow cartridge with a new one?
  6. The 32 series uses QSS software running Windows 2000 and you need the CS1/2 desk unit to run the machine, the 37-39 series uses EZcontroller software which will work with Windows 10/11 64 bit, the printer is connected via a network cable. Mechanically there is very little difference between them. A lot of the 32 series machines will be RoHS 1 compliant, only the very early machines may not be.
  7. The most important thing to check is the the condition of the LED light source using the scanner sensitivity check display, with the scan shading turned on check the graph lines are level from left to right, if the lines are wavy it's likely the light source is coming to the end of it's life. This example is from a different scanner but it will be similar on the HS-1800
  8. Quit the QSS software and run the self check program that is located at C:\NoritsuKoki\Self Check This should tell you what the ARCNET (fibre optic) communication is doing.
  9. Noritsu V30RA (x26 35mm 24exp films an hour) Noritsu V50RA (x50 35mm 24exp films an hour) The V30/V50 are very solid, reliable and easy to work on machines, just finding non rusty ones at a good price is getting difficult now. Personally I would avoid the Fuji film processors, horrible to work on, a bit of a nightmare if they go wrong.
  10. I don’t understand your language. If you want a reply you need to write it in English.
  11. Please start a New topic as your problem is not related to this post. Start a New Topic
  12. Dave S

    B Laser on 3501

    I don’t understand your language. If you want a reply you need to write it in English.
  13. Fill the STB tanks up with diluted household bleach and soak for 1 day, this will get the worst off. You will need to thoroughly wash the tanks out with clean water afterwards to get rid of the bleach before re-tanking with fresh STB.
  14. Yes, soak all of them except the No.1 turn guide which is just wiped down and put back. It is recommended to soak the squegee rack (last rack before the dryer) separately from the other crossovers. Top tip: if your water is hard, add a baby sterilising tablet to the water, it will stop limescale from forming.
  15. Thanks for coming back and posting the cause of the problem. It's always nice to finalise a post.
  16. It looks like corrupt LUT data. Is this happening on all paper sizes and surfaces? Did it just start doing this, or has anything been done to the machine prior to this happening?
  17. Yes It could be a problem with the chemistry, that is why I asked you to do a test by fogging some paper.
  18. If you pull out some paper from the magazine (to fog it) then rewind it back in again, then make some prints, does the fogged paper come out black? Is the leading paper perfectly white? If fogged paper doesn't come out black and unexposed paper doesn't come out white, the cause will definitely be bad chemistry. It's best to check the basics first before jumping in and assuming it is a laser or AOM problem. I think this is unlikely to be a laser/ AOM issue as the cyan writing and top bar is generated purely by the exposure from the red laser, to generate green on the print there would need to be an exposure from blue laser as well as the red. Which printer is this? The desk unit looks like a 32 series? If it is a 32 series, has the desk unit been recently moved?
  19. What I noticed is on the 33SD the ARCNET cable connects directly to the scanner from the PC- scanner interface PCB. But on the 32SD the ARCNET for the scanner is connected to the switch control PCB, and the ARCNET ports on the PC- scanner interface PCB are not used. It is a bit odd why Noritsu did it this way on the 32SD. I guess you could try connecting the scanner ARCNET directly to the PC- scanner interface PCB on the 32SD to see if it works, if it does you won't need to change the switch control PCB.
  20. You will need the J391267 PC- Scanner interface PCB You will also need the J391238 switch control PCB if your machine has the J391121 switch control PCB fitted. (The J391121 switch control PCB doesn’t have enough ARCNET ports) LVDS cable and ARCNET cable to connect to the scanner. To switch the scanner power on and off there needs to be a power cable going to J/P102 on the J391262 power PCB which usually connects to plugs J/P433 and J/P117 And obviously the software needs to be 32SD Digital instead of Pro.
  21. Some USB devices shut down when they detect no power on the USB connection. As Minilab service has said you need to determine if the problem is the computer or the printer. http://You can use https://wetransfer.com for uploading files
  22. The problem maybe is caused by Windows suspending the USB ports to save power when not in use. Have a look here https://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-10/what-is-usb-selective-suspend-on-windows-10-and-how-to-disable-it/
  23. @diemaschine Great I'm glad it's all working. The White LED's I used were 3.2V so connecting x4 LED's in series to 12V gives 3V per LED, so no resistors are required.
  24. No, you need to keep the 2 black fibre optic cables on the back of PC connected. As Minilab service has said you need to disconnect the fibre optic cables going to the scanner, this is usually a round grey cable that has 2 fibre optic cables inside it. The top cover of the scanner simply lifts off, then you will see the cables.
  25. The Chroma problem disappeared when you downgraded the software, but did the problem of the Netorder DSA settings having no effect also disappear? If it’s working on the 32 but not on the 34, at a guess I’d say it’s a software problem on the 3411 software
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