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  1. Hello All, Is it possable to configure PIC 2.6 hot folders so that you can send an image to the pic from a PC in the lab and if so what is involved? I have no manual for the PIC software.
  2. It is always best to run a control strip to rule out chemistry, however if you dont have any you cant. If your upkeep is yellow in the whites but you paper feed is white then it is not your chemicals it is an exposure/fog issue
  3. I have had a similar issue myself. I agree with rose as well. Drain all replenisher ( NOT WORKING TANK) set a new cube and mix new replinisher. You have already confirmed that your pump outs are correct so now you need to varify that your rep rates are correct. They are set at such a low rate anyway that when they arent set properly one may run out before the other. Also don't make the machine wait if it ask for water PSR while mixing.
  4. Bri

    4 wall on 5x7

    Hello all, I have a 370 frontier and would like to print 4 wallets on a 5x7 sheet. Can that be done and does anyone have the numbers involved to set it up. I have several package printing sizes that are setup on 10" but would also like to print some package stuff on 8" is it possable to setupsmaller print size package printing sheets on 8" many thanks Bri
  5. incredible...such a wounder machine and advancement in techknowledge leaps and bounds from the old analog beast and NO chain tension adjustment, and a gear mount that you have to SPLIT the machine to replace....WOW. Need to take a closer look at all of the gears that I can access....Thanks for the info. I appreciatet it and it has saved me some time and aggravitation. Thanks NooB
  6. When safty thermostate engages use a stand alone thermometer and verify that the actual tank temp. is to high. If the tempeture in the tank is fine but the machine reads it as being high then you may have a faulty or dirty tempeture senser , or may need to recalibrate . If the reading is high and the tank is indeed getting to hot you will have to look into the heater probe and or the SSRI that controlls the heater. If the heater is pulsing on and off properly then it may be the thermostate it self. The fist thing to do tho is to take a stand alone reading and verify that the tank is actualy to hot and go from there. You have already ruled out a circulation issue I am guessing.
  7. Did you ping both ways from both machines? Also make sure that you are signed on to both operating systems with appropriate user names and passwords. Boot up the DI machine first and log in the OS and then boot the other and try to connect. I had a smiluar situation where an employee ( for some CRAZY reason) made a seperate Windows XP user name and password and that caused a major malfuncation till I figured out what she did. You are on the right track if they both ping each other then it has to be something simple. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for thye reply. How crazy is the drive system not haveing a tension adjustment knowing that it is inhearent that the chain stretches. I Tried putting pressure on the tensioner arm to replicate a tighter spring with no luck, so I will take a look a the gear mentioned. Many thanks for your help.
  9. Hey guys, the chain tensioner arm is jumping on my 370. the gear is metal and shows no sign of wear. I'm thinking that the chain just needs to be tightened but I can not find the adjustment. Usualy there is a gear that has a slotted mount or in some cases the drive moter assymbly is mounted slotted so that it can be moved and retightened but I can find no such adjustment or referance in the manual. Can anyone please help. How can such a simple thing be so complicated.
  10. Bri

    fuji 278

    you can not achiev this because the machine punches a hole between each exposure. The hole is used to tell the cutter exactaly where to cut and is also needed to calibrate the machine4 so that the cut is exact and not running into the exposed images.
  11. they probably need to be set up again in a network work group. You may also want to try and Ping one machine from the other to make sure that there is no IP conflict.
  12. Bri

    Adding Text to images

    Hey guys and gals, Is there any way to add custom text to an image trough the PIC 2.6 or any software that works with the PIC to do so. I need to be able to add text on the fly during printing and not go trough Photoshop ect. and then import. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  13. Where are you guys buying your lab supplies in the USA for that 370? I am looking for replacement filters that go between the replinisher tank and the Rep. pump. Fuji part # 376G03713A. The only place I found it was Liberty, however the filter they have for that # is incorrect size. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hey guys, It,s been a while since I started up a lab. I need to dump and remix my north lab. Can,t remember if I need 3 starte up mixes or 4. Can anyone help. Oh what is the seguence to get into the printer console to tell it I am mixing?
  15. Where Can I get the PIC 3.3?
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