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  1. It is definitely the AOM driver. These units are very problematic. Since the Fuji only has one AOM driver it is necessary to switch the inputs G for B and B for G. Then switch the outputs G for B and B for G. Your problem will now be a magenta/green shift. You must either replace the AOM driver or repair the unit you have. If you would like to seek a repair, please contact National Laser Co.
  2. Actually, banding and paper jams can be related. If there is a problem with the exposure advance unit, which is causing the paper to slip, the machine could sense a paper jam because the paper did not reach the next sensor in the allotted time.
  3. Kevbo37

    Dirty Paper

    This is definitely debris on your rollers. Clean the crossover racks first then clean the other racks one at a time from the CD then BF and so on. Even the dryer section. Does this mark wipe off with a wet cloth?
  4. The laser diagnostic will probably not show this small amount of laser noise or AOM driver instablility.
  5. I am assuming these lines are parallel to the direction of paper travel. Since these lines appear even on the white portion of the paper, I would suspect dirty or deteriorated rollers somewhere in the processor section. Clean all rollers, especially in the CD and BF sections. If these lines are perpendicular to the paper travel then it might be an AOM driver problem.
  6. My 3011 will not read .jpg files anymore. It stopped suddenly. It will read bitmap images. Does anyone know how this could have happened or how to fix it? Thanks in advance. Kevin
  7. Noritsu QSS-35 has one AOM. The Red and Blue lasers are diode lasers which can be directly modulated.
  8. It is most likely a wiring problem with the red laser. Check the two small white wires coming out of the laser unit and also the Red and Black pair . These are the sensor and heater wires, respectively. Also check the two small black wires (attached together), they are the unit thermo sensor.
  9. The AOM crystal is not a electric field nor a mechanical mirror. The AOM (Acousto-Optic Modulator) crystal deflects the beam by means of an acoustic (sound)wave at 200Mhz inside the crystal. The resulting higher and lower density regions create a variable mirror to the laser light if introduced at the correct angle. The amplitude of the wave determines the intensity of the reflection and the frequency determines the angle of the reflection.
  10. I have never seen an AOM driver fail in such a way that it would make perfectly straight lines on the paper. That being said, it is conceivable if the AOM driver had some very steady oscillation at the perfect frequency it could cause such artifacts. But extremely unlikely. Did it start suddenly? The lines are so evenly spaced that it could be the crossover racks as Sisir suggested. I still suspect it is dust in the subscanning section.
  11. The subscan unit is responsible for moving the paper smoothly as the laser exposes it. If the motion is not smooth it results in lines, just like your photo shows, at a right angle to the direction of the paper travel. You said "I get lines on prints in the direction of paper transport" Are you sure the lines are not perpendicular to the direction of paper transport?
  12. Probably an AOM Driver problem. Switch the green and blue AOM Drivers and see if the prints shift green/magenta.
  13. If it is fully functioning and relatively clean and includes the PIC and scanner, I have seen them sell for as high as $37,000 reconditioned. A reasonable as is price at auction would be around $20,00 if it is functioning properly.
  14. I thought you found the problem was the AOM driver? Why do you need to check the laser
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