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  1. kreja

    dx100 service manual

    Hi, i just send you service manual for Epson D700.
  2. Hi, I can send you service manual,maybe that can help you. Just send me your email adress.
  3. I just send you service manual.
  4. Hi all, i just bought new Mitsubishi CP-M1 for passport print and small order prints. But just find out that software Ps Studio from Mitsubishi wont work with that printer. Anyone can recommend some other software for print small orders? 10-15 pictures max in one order. Thank you!
  5. kreja

    Kodak 6800

    I just send it to you.
  6. kreja

    Kodak 6800

    I just send you email. Hope you get it. Cheers!
  7. kreja

    Kodak 6800

    Hi, i have service manual. Give me your email ill send you.
  8. Hi all! Anyone have ps studio software for mitsubishi dye sub printers for sell?
  9. Epson Surelab and quality is much better.
  10. Hi! I have Epson d700 printer and would like to start make double side photo books and other photo gifts. Can anyone here like to tell me what kind equipment i need to start? I allready make some greeting cards on mat paper and its great. Anyone with some information or idea would be great. Thanks.
  11. New life explained it all.
  12. Well nice, but in my country epson paper is cheaper then fuji paper. And prints with epson paper in epson printer are just great.
  13. Hi! Here is price for each paper size 9x13- 0,057 euro, 10x15- 0,078, 13x18- 0,11 , 15x21- 0,15, 20x30- 0,31, 20x60- 0,63, 20x100 - 1,11 euro. Epson technician say print head lifetime is 100000 prints but he say that will print more for sure. I have kodak 6850 printer and technician say that i can print with that printer about 70000-100000 prints before print head is broke,well i print 320000 prints and then print head broke. Price of head is about 600 euros.
  14. Epson d700 is in shop. Well instaling was finish in about 1,5 hour that include driver,software and calibration of paper. I only calibrate my monitor with spayder elite before they come. Pictures are all the same on all papers. Matt.lustre and glossy. What you see on the screen that goes out on prints,great. They put all this calibration data in firmware and that is it. We try to print 20x30 picture on lustre in sq and hq mode. You cant see diference,maybe in details but that is so litlle diference. Quality is great real great. I have kodak 6800 printers and using new apex paper in them but yo
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