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  1. I have a 370,since day one I have this message on my Printer controller screen " Error communicating with the Digital link spooler attempting to reconnect" and it continues in a loop all day long. However there is no problem of connection between the Pic unit and the LPC. Everything prints and get transferred to the printer with no problems. It is just annoying at this point. I tried to install the system software on the LPC with no luck. I reinstalled the pic software , again with no luck. If anyone has seen this problem before and know how to get rid of it, it willbe appreciated. Thank you.
  2. brock

    LPC Install

    Hello, I am about to convert all my Frontiers (370s) to digital only by installing LPC computers. Since this will be my first time for the installation and because of a lack of manual, I appreciate if anyone has previous experience on this matter. Thanks to everybody in advance..
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