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  1. Saludos, por favor tengo la necesidad de saber el valor exacto de los tamaños de las órdenes enviadas a través del Fdia, en el riel de información de cada estación se muestra el numero de orden, estación que envia y la cantidad de fotos. Al presionar el boton de la parte superior derecha que dice INFO me da la cantidad y el tamaño exacto de esa orden por ejemplo 6x4, 8x10, quisiera saber en cual archivo se almacena esa información. Gracias.
  2. For some time I have been getting this error and then it gives a blue screen.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Look for that software and it turns out that if I have it. But when I install it, it gives me database errors and I do not have a reference manual for its installation. I do not know if it should be installed in DIC or Frontend or in the FMPC. I do not know which version (Full or Lite) is installed. Is there a reference manual?
  4. Good morning, please, is there a manual for the installation and configuration of the E3 software? I have the discs but I get errors when installing it, I do not know which station the FULL version is indicated on and in which the LITE version. Thank you.
  5. Good afternoon, and checked if the SP3000 firewire connection that reaches the fmpc is disabled? I understand that having FMPC leaves the Frontier connection enabled and the SP3000 connection disabled.
  6. Good evening friends, I wanted to ask you if there is any way to control the prints on the frontier with the C4 / C5 Fdi software to determine which stations are being sent. What happens is that I need more control over the photographic material and I have only been able to access the production totals but it does not give me a detail of the stations that have sent orders. Thank you.
  7. I have installed on my frontier workstations 330,570 and 550 c4 / c5 with windows 7 pro, they work very well. The Frontier 330 still maintains its version in Windows 2000 and the FMPC of the Frontier 570 has windows XP Pro. The Frontier 550 has the SP3000 scanner as FMPC and its software is kept in Windows 2000.
  8. Regards, the installation corresponds to the C4 / C5 in a Windows 7 Pro which was cleanly installed. Of course the version of Windows 7 is 32 bits. I want to add that it was not updated from Xp to Windows 7.
  9. This image is from the installation I did on the Frontier 5700 and 5500 to switch from Windows Xp to Windows 7, because I no longer find reliable antivirus and updates available.
  10. Greetings to all of them are working well, in fact are the ones I used to install everything.
  11. Greetings, since I reinstalled my FMPC and Frontend, sending orders me the error message W-1548 which according to the manual should place the power button and retry appears in STANDBY. However the power button is in the STANDBY position and the error continues. FMPC: Windows XP SP3 Spanish. D20. FRONTEND: Windows 2000 SP4 Spanish. c4 / c5 English. I have no scanner installed. I also changed the name to FRONTEND by FRONTEND570 and the FMPC too, because I threw error duplicate station and also I have my Frontier 550 on the same network. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Yustas for watching, searching my installation disks I have also A1 Frontier 350/370 Disk System version 7.7-OE-300.
  13. Hello, I have a version of MS01 Version 2.55 that brought my 7700, I think it will serve. If so please give me your email to communicate. I would take the A1 to update my 330. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I have a version of A1 using my 330, I think it will serve. If so please give me your email to communicate.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to install MS01 in my Frontier 5700, I have Printer-FMPC-DIC. Install MS01 (Server) in the DIC and installing MS01 (printer) in the FMPC gives me this error message: "FEATURE TRANSFER ERROR: FEATURE: SDK_1500_2000_5X00 COMPONENT: FILE: ERROR: CATASTROPHIC FAILUE"
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